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18 Cool Facts About Guernsey

Guernsey is a small island in the English channel that is not part of the United Kingdom as many believe. The island is close to Normandy and the Guernsey population is about 65,000 people.   18 Cool Facts About Guernsey Guernsey is situated in the English passage of the coastline of Normandy It doesn’t have…

Europe munich
15 Must See Squares In Europe

Squares and plazas are an important feature of most cities. As a natural place for people to meet and get together, city squares serve social, cultural and commercial functions. Many of Europe’s cities’ squares are a showcase for great architecture and are steeped in history and in stories. Here is our list of the some…

Europe Baku
8 Best Things To Do In Baku

If you ever think that you will only see boring waves at the Caspian Sea, then take heart because there are precious things that await you. You will find a uniquely small yet beautiful city on the shores of the Caspian Sea which is called the Baku. There's lots of great things to do in…

Europe Malta
6 Best Things To Do In Malta

Located in the Mediterranean Sea between Italy and Tunisia, Malta is a small country that has been inhabited for since around 5,200 B.C. The island country enjoys a pleasant, Mediterranean climate year round, it is steeped in history and jam packed with lots fun things to do in Malta. It has tons of restaurants and…

Europe Italy
New Year’s Celebrations In Italy And Events In Italy 2019

Italy is a place of magic – especially because of its explosive festivals, and the parties and fireworks which break forth in an array of color and design and fascination for all people from all walks of life. Especially during the celebration of New Years in Italy and il Capodanno, with firework displays are to…

Barcelona Barcelona
Things To Do In Barcelona In June 2018/2019

There is a presence in the air which ripples with excitement and energy – the rapid movement of touring around, the food, the fresh sights to see – truly there is an energy which takes over Barcelona in June. This is a MUST COME! time of the year as there's lots of things to do…

Europe london
Hacks To Save Money On Europe Trip – 2018/2019 Edition

If you are a fan of traveling then it is most probable that you want to visit Europe. At times you may be willing but it becomes impossible because of the cost. If this is the case, I have good news for you. I will feed you with information that will help you to visit…

Europe Paris
10 Cities To Visit In Europe In Summer Without Crowds

Europe is the land of grandeur architecture and finer things. We have searched the whole Europe and listed 10 most popular cities to visit in Europe in Summer without crowds for seasoned tourists to visit. And here are the top 10 cities in Europe that highly recommended to be visited during summer.   #1 Paris, France…

September Weather In Spain 2018/2019: Sunny Days And Cool Nights

Many people in Spain go for vacations during the summer season to run away from its intense heat. In September people start to get back from their vacations but the summer weather is still on. If you are plotting to go to Spain when there are an Autumnal Breezes, then you will have to wait…

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