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Layover Guide For Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport

Shanghai, China is an oriental place which boost anything but a representation of anything Asian, yet stretches out a colonial – era structures. Chinese has probably one of the longest historical civilization, modern civilization somewhat has contributed to the scenery of Shanghai. A layover at Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport, can give you a different perspective…

Layover In Guangzhou, China: Guangzhou Baiyun (CAN) Airport

Layovers could either be surprisingly exciting or tiresomely boring depending on how you treat every second of the stopover and how you appreciate the features of the airport. If ever you get in a layover in China, most specifically at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN), know that there are different ways to make every…

China Shenzhen
9 Best Things To Do In Shenzhen

Chinese culture is among the most complicatedly beautiful yet interestingly wonderful of all. That’s why Shenzhen should be part of every traveler’s bucket list. We often hear people visit Hong Kong for Disneyland and its shopping districts. But Shenzhen is also a place that will certainly captivate anyone. In the past, the place was only…

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How To Get From Shanghai Pudong Airport To Downtown/City Center

For those flying into Shanghai, it's a good idea to know your options of getting to the City Center/Downtown. Before we start explaining your different method of transportation, you should know that Shanghai Pudong International Airport is roughly 18.6 mi or 30 km in distance from downtown and roughly 24.9 mi or 40 km from Hongqiao…