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13 Best Things To Do In Santiago, Chile

Santiago in Chile offers an array of things to do. From hiking, to visit museums to learning a language to reveling in a bustling, colorful culture – the city pretty much has it all. It’s a reflection of the Chilean culture mixed with modern edifices – a great way to experience it all at once.…

Chile Valparaiso
Valparaiso, Chile: What To Do, Where To Stay And Eat

A city that retains a poetic and colorful charm – Valparaiso is an incredible place to experience unexpected charms at every turn. Chaos blends with artistic beauty and gorgeous facades, dramatic topographies are characteristic of the grandeur of the city, and winding pathways lead to hills overlooking the ocean. There's lots of great things to…

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How To Plan A Trip To Patagonia In 2018/2019

One of the hugest continents in the world is South America and it has some of the most amazing experiences and sights you can have. It is a goal for many people to get to the South American southern area but you need to have a plan for the trip first. It may need you…

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24 Hours In Valparaiso, Chile: Day Trip Guide

Chile is an amazing country that is known for its different flavors. When you visit Chile, you will have a lot to explore, from the vibrant streets of Santiago to the raw nature of Patagonia. After three weeks of visiting Chile, you can highlight your trip by visiting Valparaiso for a day trip/24 hours.  …