Things To Do In Montreal With Kids- 2018/2019 Ultimate Guide

Montreal is the largest city in North America that speaks French. This city is well recognized for its history as a metropolitan area and its uniqueness. Since it has a mix if the Canadian and the French ways, these people have a lot of people from different areas attractions and wonderful foods.

This list comprises of 10 things to do in Montreal with kids will find pleasing to do during your trip. This includes like where to stay in Montreal with kids or where to eat in Montreal with kids.


10 Best Things To Do In Montreal With Kids

  1. Tour Notre-Dame Basilica

    Notre-Dame Basilica should be your first destination as soon as you arrive here. The tour will take you 1.5 hours to walk in the Notre-Dame Basilica as well as other areas in the surrounding. If you have young children during the trip, take some time and view the remarkable alter as well as the exceptional stained glasses. This cathedral was constructed in the 19th century with the style of the English Gothic Revival right in the place where the former chapel had been founded back in the 1600s. The sanctuary and the interior of the basilica are designed with France imported woods. The exciting thing about the windows is that they do not have any miraculous or biblical meanings, but they represent the history of how Montreal was founded and it’s a great thing to do in Montreal with kids.

  2. Learn About The History Of Montreal

    Montreal was born in Pointe-à-Callière. This is also the place where you will find the History and Archeology Museums., This is an ideal place for anthropologists and curious historians to visit. They will learn everything they desire to know about Montreal for kids. There will be a multi-media show for thirty minutes, and you should not miss it at all cost. The media shows the history of the city for the 375-year through animations and videos.

  3. Get Schooled In Science

    A great thing to do in Montreal with kids is viewing the Montreal Science center at the Old Port. Here you will find a kid-friendly and interactive environment that will be an awesome place for your kids. The Fabrik – Creativity Factory is suitable for children with more than six years since that can use their mind and their hands to craft things like floating vessels, catapults, parachutes, derby cars and anything else that they can imagine. Small children aged four to seven years will love to go to the Clic. This is a zone for curious children, and they can mix colors, create patterns and forms, design roller coaster and also build houses among other things. You can then go to the other traveling and permanent exhibits like the IMAX Telus Theatre where you will see films that are quite fascinating irrespective of your age.

  4. Visit Biodome And Meet The Animals

    Visit the Olympic Stadium complex and, enjoy the indoor encapsulation of Montreal’s natural world. There are various places to visit the St. Lawrence River, a polar area, Laurentians Mountains and the rain forest among others. Here you will see more than four thousand types of plants and animals such as penguins, beaver, and lynx among the other types of birds in the area. The Biodome size is manageable and is fun thing to do in Montreal with kids. It’s not to large such that small children will get tired quite fast and not that small for the big ones to get bored.

  5. Go To Mont Royal Riding A Bike

    If your children are much older like more than twelve years, then it will be fun to take a ride on the Lachine Canal. You will find so many stations in Montreal with Bixi bikes, and they will only charge you a small cost for them to rent them out. You can either rent the bike for one day or some few hours. Ride to McGill University and Mont Royal as you enjoy the green spaces and the exciting views of the city. Have a look at Montreal on Wheels and here you will get a guided bicycle tour.

  6. Thrill The Kids At La Ronde Amusement Park

Once you have had educational fun and exploration in Montreal for a few days, then it is time to visit La Ronde amusement park and let the kids have a maximum adventure. This park is positioned on a small Island next to the Montreal downtown known as Île Sainte-Hélène. It is a constituent of the Six Flags family. There is plenty to enjoy here from the slingshot to the roller coasters. If you are nervous about these activities in the park, then you can opt for other mellow options such as Ferris wheel and bumper cars. The little ones are also not left out for there are several kiddie rides for them. For younger kids in Montreal, this is a fun thing to do.



How To Get To Montreal With Kids

If you are traveling to Montreal with kids, then you can take a flight to Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport (YUL). You can then take a taxi to take you to the Old Montreal. Many of the destinations you will visit in the city are not far from the hotel, and thus you will not need a car during the stay. You can also access many of the tourist attractions through Metro.


Where To Eat In Montreal With Kids

There are two very famous culinary sensations in Montreal. They include smoked meat and poutine sandwiches. There’s lots of good places to eat in Montreal with kids. The two finger foods are quite pleasing to the kids. You will find numerous places to obtain poutine, but La Banquise is the best of all. If it is your first time to take poutine, then it is recommendable to take the classic one first. If it does not feel bad to the stomach, you can then take other adventurous flavors and toppings.


Where To Stay In Montreal With kids

The best place to stay in Montreal with kids is at the Le Place d’Arts Hotel. This place is suitable since you will be steps away from the some of the attractions like the Port area, Notre Dame Basilica and also the Old Montreal. This hotel is at the Neo-classical building which is a 19th-century building, and it has all modern comforts such as spacious rooms, bar, restaurant, and spa. You will only pass one block from the metro stations to get to the hotel. Here your family will enjoy café au lait and a continental breakfast in the appealing on-site brasserie. The cereal selection and chocolate croissants from this hotel are fantastic, and kids will love them for sure.

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