Taking The Train Across Canada: 15 Tips For The Best Experience

Canada is a very large country just above North American Continent. The vast land area is often covered with pearly white snow. Few years ago, the country opened opportunities for migrant workers to live in Canada and help occupy the wide open and unexplored area of the country. Additional man power and work force also boost the economy of the country.

The large land territory of Canada, trains are the most common transportation to travel from one province to another. Canada is so large that a Canadian province would equivalent a land area of a whole country already! Although there are planes and busses that can take you from one town to another province, trains is most likely efficient and tourist friendly. Taking the train across Canada is a fun trip that everyone should try at least once.

Before then, and up until now, Canada is one of the favorite vacation places of most tourists. The country is quiet, laid back, astounding winter filled mountains, and relaxing views. And of course do not forget the Canadian smiles and hospitality. Canadian are once dubbed the friendliest people on earth. Let us check out 15 things you need to consider before taking the train across Canada.


15 Things To Know Before Taking The Train Across Canada


Only One Train Company Offers A Cross Country Route

The government of Canada is able to own and operate a train company called, “Via Rail Canada” which transport passengers from end to end trail. You do not need to take another train ride to other train station if you need to travel from Halifux and Vancouver. The can take you there with no fuzz and you’ll have a wonderful time traveling across Canada by train. Check out train schedules for bookings and discounts before traveling at Via Rail Canada Booking.


No Priority And No Privatized Baggage Tracks

Generally, train has limited space. So the best way the rail company is able to accommodate and organize the freight and baggage of train passengers is whoever comes first. There is no priority lane, so it’s important to know this before taking the train across Canada.


You Have To Travel In Winter Time

Canada is astoundingly beautiful because of its towering mountains, colorful flowers and trees, and fresh air. But the country is most famous for its heavenly like winter season. The snow covers the mountains like snow caps and the sky reflects it. There are also lakes and rivers that look majestic during winter time.

With the lowest temperature of 30-55 Fahrenheit, the whole Canada is in a very cold state. It is best to travel from end to end trip in train to be able to see the grand display of winter and Snowy Mountain and sparkly white branches that covers the trees. In this season, you are also able to stay away from crowded train ride. Everything seems relax and fine. It’s a great view and you’ll love taking the train across Canada in the winter.


Not All Trains Have WiFi

Note that there is a limited and only few trains have WiFi on board. So make sure you have brought extra books to read, and other things might entertain you during the trip. Or you can also bring your own pocket WiFi, or rely on your own personal mobile data to update your work email and social media accounts. Some trains also provide charging station for mobile phones and other gadgets.


Expect Delay In Train Schedules

There are few instances that we cannot prevent the inevitable in traveling by train across Canada. Even by plane too! Have always an open minded and understanding mind. Usually delayed train schedule are due to derailed train tracks, unexpected maintenance or fixing of train machines, worst weather conditions, and among others.

You have to be prepared, and allow certain amount of time for adjustment to allow with the unprecedented delay. Bring a book, a video player, anything that my entertain you while waiting for your train to continue moving. Just enjoy the day and love every moment you stay in a Canadian train.


Try “The Dome Car“

Canadian Train companies also offer the “Dome Car” in which passengers are able to have a full view of the areas where train passes. The train has an area where passenger can look through the 360 degrees view of glassed walls on top of the train to get a spacious outlook of the Canadian mountains and nature. Passengers can take pictures without the train glass walls interfere the shot and is a really cool thing to do when going across Canada by train.


Completing The End To End Ride Will Take 6 Days

You can enjoy a scenic view on all the provinces of Canada by just riding a train, and dine in a posh train restaurant. The travel is called transcontinental because of the distance from station from Halifax to Vancouver. The travel is often completed about 6 days max (or sometimes t can only take 5 days) non-stop. Do not worry the train is fully equipped with clean bathroom and baths, comfy   beddings, and in-train amenities such as restaurants and entertainment areas.


Meet Wonderful People

Canadian people are famous for their friendly and loving nature. It is rare you will encounter a bad experience with a Canadian. Locals in Canada are nice and helpful. Inside a train trip, most are tourists from other parts of the world, so you will be able to meet new friends and acquaintances. You will get a change to mingle and chat with other tourists during your trip across Canada by train.


Your Time Inside The Train Can Be Enjoyable

Contrary to the wrong idea because of the long trip that may take 2 to 6 days, expect that you will eventually get bored. Nope! You will find a lot of things to do and enjoy during your trip. The rooms and area around the train will not limit your activities . You will be surprised that the train companies offer various entertainment rooms, activities and on board activities that will make your time traveling worthwhile.

You may bring your own book (whether it may be the common tangible book or digital copies), play mobile games and puzzles, chat with your friends online and do your work, and more! You can also spend time chatting and socialize with other train passengers (most of which are also tourists from all parts of the world).


Sleep Inside The Train Is Golden!

Although it is often recommended to bring a book or anything that might entertain you during the whole days of traveling by train, sleep is also one thing to enjoy it. It is relaxing because the fast pace yet gentle movement of the train seems to cradle you. Do not worry about the sound during your train trip across Canada. You will get used to it and it will seem to add relaxation and peace of mind while you are sleeping or even just resting.


Budget Train Is Also Available

Budget backpack tourists always are worrying about if it is really possible for them to enjoy a Canadian Train tour. Well, there are train companies that offer different train trip plans. If you intend to spend more on your sightseeing trip, you may purchase and opt to have a less expensive Canadian train trip but experience same service and convenience.

There are cheaper bed rooms that can be shared for cheaper price aside from private and exclusive cabin rooms. You can find cheaper prices and promo tickets here.


Experience 5 Time Zones Ride The Canadian Train Trip

The idea of bucket list in traveling to 2 places at once or traveling the world in multiple time zones is not far from reality. You can experience it all when you travel with Canadian train trip. With Canada’s wide territory, some lands and water areas are positioned in different time-zone.


Dining Inside The Canadian Train Is Memorable

Popular train companies such as The Atlantic, or The Canadian provide really delicious and sumptuous treat. Some passenger who experienced a trip with these train companies even describe the dining inside the train as “like a fine dining inside a 5-star-hotel restaurant.” There are quite a wide range of food choices offered on board.


You May Just Stay Inside The Train During Train Station Stops

If you really wanted to continue sleeping inside the train during train station stops you are allowed to. Makes sure you have everything you have. Or you have already stretched a bit of your muscles as you have been sitting or lying down for a long time. But of course, you should not miss the chance to check out what in store or what is interesting stuff you might find on the train stop.


Best Trip Ever

Taking a long vacation train trip in Canada is such an amazing experience! First you will be able to accomplish traveling in 5-different time zones, be stunned with the grand display of nature in Canada’s mountains and various clear bodies of water (grass lands and other land forms!), meet wonderful friendly Canadian people, and taste fine and tasty foods! It is an experience like no other! It is alike a luxurious cruise trip experience but in trains!

So, why wait? Book a ticket now going to Canada and plan your train trip.


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