One Day Itinerary For Vancouver B.C. Canada

Have you ever wondered what a one day Vancouver itinerary could be if you visited the beautiful city? Well, we affirmatively say that you can definitely enjoy a Vancouver tour in one day! Follow this guide in order to get the most of your time in this impressively beautiful place during a Vancouver itinerary for one day.


One Day Itinerary For Vancouver B.C. Canada

Stanley Park

To start your one day Vancouver itinerary by renting a vehicle going to the Stanley Park. You will surely love the lush environment of the place where you can spend some quiet time for reflection and relaxation. The Stanley Park is around a thousand acres which you can find at the downtown peninsula. Apart from strolling the park, you could also go into bicycle driving along the seawall path that is around nine kilometers.


Brockton Point

While you are on your walking or biking adventure, you must visit the Brockton Point where you could find the totem poles. A lot of tourists have the goal of capturing a photo with these during a Vancouver one day itinerary. Use your time in the place to improve your knowledge about the First Nations culture. Visit some gift shops where you could purchase local products.


Lions Gate Bridge

As we told you, there are surely a lot of things to expect in Stanley Park. You could go to the Prospect Point where you could get a stunning view of the surrounding places. Your Vancouver travel will never be complete without seeing the Lions Gate Bridge. The Prosepect Point is the best place for witnessing the magnificent sights of the Cypress Mountains, the North Vancouver area, and even the Grouse peaks.


Denman Street

When you are done with sightseeing and physical adventure at the Stanley Park, you must head on to the Beach Avenue. Simply enjoy the serene environment along the English Bay beach. From the peaceful and relaxing place, head on to find some excitement at the Denman Street where you could get some coffee for a boost of energy or buy some local stuff for your Vancouver memorabilia. Grab your camera and capture magical views of the North Shore and the downtown area as you cross the Lions Gate Bridge.


Grouse Mountain

From the Lions Gate Bridge, you must then go to the best place for capturing stunning photographs. Travel towards North Vancouver where you will find the Capilano Road. This will direct you to Grouse Mountain where you can actually get into an exciting adventure. Try going on the Skyride which will give you an opportunity to see some grizzly bears as part of your Vancouver itinerary for a day. The Grouse Mountain is actually a haven for the endangered species of Canada and is a must see for one day in Vancouver. If you think that you’ll go hungry at the top of the mountain, then you are wrong. There are restaurants and cafés that provide extremely great-tasting delicacies.


Capilano Bridge

If you think that the mountains of Vancouver have stopped providing thrilling adventures to you, then you are mistaken yet again. The route going back to the downtown area will actually bring you to the Capilano Suspension Bridge as it’s one of the best things to do in Vancouver for a day. You have to gather all strength and courage to cross this swaying bridge. Apart from crossing the Capilano Bridge, you may also decide to go on a more breathtaking adventure. Go on some treetop explorations where you will cross interconnected bridges from one tree to another. Continue the journey by passing through the Cliffwalk. It would surely test your nerves as you walk the path and witness some of the most remarkable sights that the river and the canyon offer.



After the tiring physical activity, it may be a good idea to go on a shopping spree. But if you have no extra budget, then you could simply take on a window shopping adventure at Robson Street. You can reach this place by tracing back the route to Stanley Park going to Bute Street. Choose a coffee shop that would make you feel relaxed after all the adventures that you have gone through.



The last hours of your one-day Vancouver travel should be spent as a time for reenergizing the body and relaxing the soul. Yaletown may be the best place to find different restaurants that offer local and international cuisines that would surely satisfy your grumbling tummies.


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