Gilmore Girls Stars Hollow: Visiting The Real Town Of Unionville, Ontario

If you are a fan of certain television series or movies like the Gilmore Girls, then visiting the beautiful Unionville, Ontario would be a dream-come-true for you as this is where Stars Hollow is based in. I am personally an avid fan of the show that’s why I really loved it when I discovered that the pilot episode of the Gilmore Girls was actually shot in the town of Unionville, Ontario aka Stars Hollow.


Know The Background Of Stars Hollow In Unionville, Ontario

The episodes of the Gilmore Girls were set on the fictional town called the Stars Hollow. In the script, it was said that the Stars Hollow town was actually located in Connecticut. You have to know, however, that most of the scenes were actually filmed in Unionville, Ontario which is a town that is filled with historical significance and also abounding with natural beauty.

I could still remember the pilot episode when Lorelei was in Unionville’s Main Street to visit Luke’s Diner and perform some of the most memorable scenes ever for me. Since I got hooked on Gilmore Girls, I just kept on dreaming about visiting Stars Hollow. When I searched the internet about the town, I was just shocked to know that it was really in Unionville. From then on, I had already put on my bucket list the town of Unionville aka Stars Hollow. I really wanted to see the picturesque town with the Stars Hollow gazebos, the remarkable Toogood Pond and the establishments featured in the show.



Luke’s Diner

Because I really want to find the setting for some of the most interesting episodes of Gilmore Girls, I decided to look for Luke’s Diner or the establishment where it was set. Google proved to be my best friend because it revealed that Luke’s Diner was actually just at 156 Main Street.

It was so lovely to get down the car and just walk along the Main Street to enjoy the beautiful sights of the location. We decided to just park our car at a television store that looked like a religious establishment. Walking along Main Street was akin to strolling inside a giant freezer. There was seven-degree weather during our visit and it felt like my whole body was trembling with cold. Good that I found really beautiful coats from the Paris Fashions which is a famous local boutique.

The buildings along Main Street looked almost similar to each other. We got so confused about the destinations we were looking for. Whenever we show pictures of Luke’s Diner to the locals, they would point us somewhere and we’ll just eventually find out that we were wrong. We thought that the TucciArmadio Ladies Boutique was the location of the film, but later on found out that the store next to Paris Fashions was actually the setting of Luke’s Diner.

Although Tim Hortons is more popular with the locals, I just personally loved the presence of Starbucks in the area. Having some hot espresso in a cold weather soothed my trembling body. And if Luke’s Diner is no longer physically possible to visit, then a Gilmore Girl like me must be able to have her own coffee time. How I wish that Taylor Doose and Lorelai were with me enjoying coffee and talking about anything under the sun.

Another interesting establishment along Main Street is the Isla Home. I really believe that it has been the filming venue of Stars Hollow’s Kim’s Antiques.


The Town Gazebo

Another location from Gilmore Girls in Stars Hollow was the Town Gazebo. It had been a remarkable setting for some events in Gilmore Girls. At first, we had difficulty looking for the gazebo that’s why I savored some of the other local sights. I was so happy with how the boutiques and stores along the streets were really similar to those that were featured in the show.

I would have really wanted to stay in the gazebo and enjoy every precious memory there is. But the weather has forbidden me to continue the journey. I am not really used to this kind of extreme weather that Canadians usually experience that’s why I felt like their kind of winter was really taking a toll on my body. I just decided to capture some photographs of the place and took some selfies instead of staying longer than what I can endure.

The walk towards the car was like a race towards the finish goal. I really needed to feel immediately warm that’s why I offered my best to run towards the car and instantly turned the heater on to warm my freezing body. The entire experience at the Main Street was just so magical despite the extreme weather.


Stars Hollow – The Main Street

As we went to the main street, there is one house that I noticed immediately – Lorelai Gilmore’s House. It was the perfect place for me to take wonderful memories. The entire street was filled with houses that look much like the houses of Stars Hollow.


The Snowy Experience

I went to Unionville not just to take some photos. I really wanted to visit the setting of Stars Hollow in order to have a feel of the film. I want to experience the same feelings that the girls have felt. Luckily, the very moment when I was walking down the street was also the time when it started snowing. I felt like I was Lorelei who was appreciating the snow as if it was some jewel falling from the heavens. The entire experience was like a Hollywood movie for me. I felt like cameras were pointed towards me and capturing the happiness in my heart as the glittering snow drizzle on my face.


My Final Thoughts

I feel like I am now the ultimate fan of Gilmore Girls who has finally been transported to the scenes. The Unionville sights, streets, and establishments were all like heaven to me. Being at the Stars Hollow filming location was so magical. It proved to be one of my happiest memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

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