2 Day Vancouver Itinerary: Spending 48 Hours In Vancouver

Are you planning to visit Vancouver anytime in the future? As a local, I am often asked about the best things to do in the city. To tell you honestly, there are a lot of wonderful and exciting stuff to experience in this beautiful place. Let me share with you the best adventures to try for a two day Vancouver itinerary.


Vancouver Itinerary Day 1

7:00 AM – Coffee

You need to make sure that you start early of your 48 hours in Vancouver by visiting some of the most loved coffee shops of the locals. You will surely need caffeine to boost your spirits high for an exciting day.


8:00 AM – Energy Start

My personal favorite for breakfasts is Café Medina. A lot of locals are also in love with their delectable meals. The ambiance of the place is also adorable. When you get here, make sure that you order the lavender latte and the very popular tagine with merguez sausage. It is definitely worth including in your gastronomic 2 day Vancouver itinerary.


9:30 AM – Biking And Strolling

If the weather permits, it would be surely fun to go for a bicycle rental at the Stanford Park. This park is actually one of the favorite destinations for fun family activities in Trip Advisor. Among the best providers that I have tried so far is Spokes which is located just along Denman Street and is suggested during your two days in Vancouver.


You should not miss taking amazing photographs on the following sites:

  • Coal Harbor
  • Totem Poles
  • The Brockton Point Lighthouse
  • The Prospect Point
  • The Lionsgate Bridge
  • The Siwash Rock
  • The Inukshuk
  • The Morton Park where you can witness the wonderful Laughter Statues


There are definitely a lot of things to do in Stanley Park. Make sure that you include this in your tour.


12:00 PM – Water Transportation Adventure

Do you know that Vancouver boasts of its interesting modes of water transportation? You should definitely not miss taking the Aquabus which will bring you to Yaletown. Do not be worried about the water taxi fare because it comes at low prices. In case your tummy gets grumbling, do not be tempted to take meals because there are surely cool restaurants that you can find upon reaching Yaletown.


12:30 PM – Market Shopping

We find Granville Island as the best place for finding the perfect products for your Vancouver memories. This is where you will find the coolest theaters where you can witness excellent performances. This is a must to be on your 2 day Vancouver itinerary. It is also where you will get to eat local cuisines that will certainly capture your taste buds. Granville Island is also home to boutiques and stalls that offer fresh seafood, quality baked products, and gourmet selections. If you are also looking for local products such as handicrafts and homemade stuff, the public markets in Granville are the best places for your visit. Make sure that you try the delectable offerings of Go Fish. You will definitely love their dishes.


3:00 PM – Snacks, Shopping & Walking

From 3:00 pm, you should head to the Olympic Village where you could go shopping with your family and friends. You will love the buildings and the establishments surrounding the area. Walk towards the Seawall and enjoy the local sceneries and coffee shops.

As you walk towards Mount Pleasant, you will feel delighted to meet some local hipsters who just make the place highly exciting. You should definitely try Brassneck, a local brewery that you will find at the 7th Avenue. You could also grab some sweets at Cartems Donuterie. If the sweets aren’t enough for your grumbling tummy, then perhaps you could try other exciting food options at the food trucks which are located at Brassneck. Keep some memories of your Vancouver travel by shopping for local products from the different boutiques and stalls. Enjoy the wonderful environment as you walk going to the Riley Park.


5:00 PM – Sumptuous Dinner

The Gastown is the best place to catch some of the most delicious meals in the area. You have to try the restaurants like Bestie that offers Chinese delicacies. I would personally recommend the Tacofino Bar which provides its customers with the best-tasting Mexican delights. If you are craving for some sushi, go to Guu for quality Japanese meals. Nuba is also a great choice for those who are desiring of tasting vegetarian specialties from Lebanese culinary traditions.


7:00 PM – Gelato Surprise

If you would like to surprise your taste buds with refreshing sweet and cool tastes, then you have to try the gelatos from the famous Bella Gelateria. You may find the gelato shops in Yaletown and in Fairmont Pacific Rim. You will surely have the best time of your life as you get a taste of their gelatos during your time in Vancouver for two days.


Day 2 Vancouver Itinerary

8:00 AM – Caffeine Intake

I always start my day with a great cup of coffee. For you to also have a blast on your second day in Vancouver, I suggest that you visit the fancy coffee shops in Mount Pleasant and Kitsilano. It would be nice to visit Le Marche since it would give you a serene experience of Vancouver mornings.


9:30 AM – Fun Outdoor Activities

After taking good breakfast, surely you are now ready to explore the beauty of the city during daytime as your Vancouver 2 day itinerary. You should head to the North Shore to witness the stunning creatures that fly in the open air. You will undoubtedly love to see how the cute little birds hunt for their worm breakfasts. Always be ready for your cameras because you shall not miss the chance to have your memorabilia taken with the Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge and the Capilano Bridge in the background. Apart from having your photo taken on the bridge, let your fats burn and your energy running as you go on a hiking adventure. Make sure that you put on some comfortable wear.

From the Lynn Valley Bridge, you must continue the exciting journey by hiking the Baden-Powell train which will then lead you to the Deep Cove. You can even enjoy breathtaking sights at the Quarry Rock. Don’t worry about the hike because it is not at all difficult. Your healthy body can surely overcome the trails.


12:00 PM – International Food Trip

Vancouver is filled with restaurants that offer a variety of dishes coming from different culinary traditions. But do you know that Vancouver is most famous for having a lot of Asian restaurants?

You must try eating at SoCal because they offer the freshest sushi. Do not be worried that sushi and sashimi would come at great prices because Vancouver is essentially rich with ocean resources. Every penny that you spend for Japanese delights is worth it. Visit also the Ajisai which is located in Kerrisdale or the Itoga which is located in Robson. Another Japanese restaurant is the Japadog which offers interesting meals such as the hotdogs with a twist of Japanese elements.


1:00 PM – Art Appreciation

Going to Vancouver without learning more about their local culture will never ever be complete. You have to make sure that you visit the Vancouver Art Gallery because it will reveal to you the greatest treasures of the place in terms of history and art.


3:00 PM – Local Shopping

The Gastown is among the widely visited places for tourists who would like to go into some shopping. You could visit different stalls and local boutiques that offer interesting products such as One of A Few, Inventory, and Roden Gray, among others. You could also come to Gastown to witness how beautifully a steam clock works.


4:00 PM – Chinese Culture And Food Appreciation

Do you know that you can actually find the third biggest North American Chinatown right here in Vancouver? You must never miss visiting this place because it has cool stuff and cheap finds that you will definitely love.


6:00 PM – Great Food And Wine

Your final activity in Vancouver for 2 days should be memorable. It must allow you to remember Vancouver for being an admirable place with adorable food and wonderful wines. Make sure to include the Settlement Building in your itinerary. You will surely appreciate the place because it is where you could enjoy delicious meals from Belgard Kitchen and great tasting wines from Vancouver Urban Winery.



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