Traveling Alone In Cambodia – Woman’s Guide

Traveling alone around the world seems to becoming a part of basic commodity. People nowadays include travel expenses and adventure activities as if it is a part of their yearly basic need. First, the country boasts a stunning natural scenery and rich long history. Second, traveling to Cambodia is cheaper compared to other countries. And third, the country is tourist friendly sanctuary for everyone; which I will tell you more on the later part of this article of traveling alone in Cambodia as a girl.

Generally, there are two kinds of travelers, one is what we call the popular backpackers and the other is tourists. Both kinds of adventure seekers can be of group for friends and family members, composed of couples or for those who are brave enough to travel alone in Cambodia as a woman.

Most backpackers are lone male travelers. But today, modern women are more empowered. Women became more independent and are always ready to accept challenges in life. That includes, exploring a new destination alone. I compiled most common questions about my solo trip to Cambodia and how I survived one of the happiest adventures I had ever been to as a solo trip to Cambodia as a woman


Traveling Alone In Cambodia

What Does It Take To Travel Solo?

The key motivation is the desire to discover new place, learn new things, and gain new experiences when traveling solo as a girl. Be ready to enjoy and do activities that do not need any approval from someone. After all it is all about you, your travel, and your decisions. Remember, you are alone. You do not have to wait someone to finish their shower or adjust or compromise to someone’s who does not like what you preferred most.


Do You Need Visa To Enter Cambodia?

Fortunately, our country has been one of the countries that Cambodian Visa has been lifted as a requirement for entry. You can check Cambodia official website to check if your still country needs visa.  Generally, you need your country’s passport and Cambodian visa which is valid for one to 6 months for business and tourism purposes.


Is It Really Safe To Travel Solo In Cambodian?

Based on my experience, I was safe the whole time during my solo Cambodia trip. Since, I had been a good and obedient tourist; I left the country safe and unscathed. I see to it I did not violate any local and international laws, I just enjoyed my time there. Going to Cambodia is not my first time to travel alone. My solo adventure trip to Cambodia left me fond memories. People are friendly, food is quite unique and the tourist’s destinations are really awesome.


Is It Hard To Communicate With Locals In Cambodia?

Nope, I did not as a solo women traveler. English is widely used in Cambodia. A lot of people can speak and understand the English language. Although, some may speak and pronounce English words differently with more thick Cambodian accent; generally, you find it easy to talk to locals around.


Did You Really Travel To Cambodia Alone?

Yes, I did! The thought is a bit scary but with I did some research: asked friends who have been to Cambodia, read blogs and prepared things I needed there; made my solo travel successful. It is all worth a try.



  • Common rule when traveling even to any other parts of the world, make sure to be vigilant with your things and do not easily trust other people. Be friendly but do not leave your things unattended and do not go with persons where you can be defenseless. Take not of emergency numbers and make sure you have list of reliable people in case you need help during emergency.
  • Change your Cambodian Riel to smaller bills and coins. Put your money to separate hiding place in your bag and clothes’ pockets. Before leaving your hotel, allot money you needed for taxi, tips, restaurant payment, museum fees, shopping, etc. Especially with tuktuk (common three-wheeled public transport in small rods in Cambodia), some drivers may over charge you when they know you are carrying large amount of money. Be discrete with your expenses and gadgets you show while you are outside your hotel. It will prevent you from losing a lot of money, pick pockets, and tourists-bad schemes. And you can manage and monitor your daily expenses while you are on a sightseeing trip.
  • Wear comfortable, decent and light clothes. Cambodia is a tropical country so the weather is a bit humid and warm.
  • Try to memorize or write Cambodian language, Khmer /ke mur/. Although, a lot of people can speak and understand English in Cambodia, speaking few Cambodian phrases can get you discounts and freebies when shopping or in a restaurant. Knowing few Khmer words makes a big difference. It also shows respect to their culture and the people living in Cambodia.


Of All The Countries, Why Cambodia?

Living in a cold place, yes, tropical country like Cambodia is attractive. Getting away from winter and freezing weather. Cambodia is a bit attractive because of an empowered woman celebrity, Angelina Jolie’s Lara Croft – Tomb Raider! The movie shows ancient like city jungle where I would like to see in person. And I never failed. You should see the place for yourself. No amount of words and photo can describe it than seeing it in person.


Places You Recommend For Solo Travelers?

As a woman, well, I always look forward for shopping for clothes and souvenirs. Phnom Penh is such a heaven. You can shop whatever you want for cheaper prices! You will be surprise how much things you can buy for cheaper prices. Just learn to have self-control not to over buy; you might end up paying more for excess baggage fee in airport than the worth of what you shop for.

I also toured around a lot of archeological sites, old temples, and ruins as really the main reason why I explored Cambodia (alone! lol). Try to check out Siem Reap, Banteay Srei, and Koh Ker. If you are up to eating local Cambodian delicacies, try it too. But make sure you buy it on well-maintained clean restaurants for health and safety reasons. Or, you can just go there, go with the flow and let your feet guide you to the nearest fun Cambodian activities and tourist destination.


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