Is Cambodia Safe For Travelers In 2019?

Have you ever thought about traveling to Cambodia but only stopped yourself because of fear? Maybe you have heard certain news about drug trafficking, roadside robbery, and extortion, among others. Shall all these things stop you from seeing the beauty that Cambodia really is?

Personally, Cambodia is among my favorite travel destinations. I frequently come here whenever I want to feel relaxed from work-related stress and when I just simply want to discover more about the world as Cambodia is safe.

Honestly, all the news that you hear about Cambodia is almost the same as the bad stuff happening in other countries in South America and Central America. If you are also aware of what’s happening in other European countries, a multitude of theft is also experienced by their tourists. So what’s so scary about coming to Cambodia?

Just like in any other country, there could be people lurking around who are looking for victims. If you happen to be among the inexperienced and ill-informed tourists, then you could easily be a target for petty crimes. But if you guard yourself and become more vigilant, then you could get around Cambodia without losing a single penny and only enjoying every second of the experience. Overall Cambodia is safe.

Cambodia is a very adorable place. The locals are among the most hospitable people that you will ever meet in your lifetime. They will make the extra effort just to help you out when you are lost or when you need any kind of help from them.

But for your safety, let me share with you some tips. First, make sure that you know where you are standing. I mean, know your place wherever and whenever you travel. You need to know how to behave in different environments with a unique culture. Second, you have to be sensible to the people around you. You cannot just pretend that you are spending a night in your own locality, right?

Third, be vigilant at all times. If you intend to drink all night, then you should definitely not be taking any drink from strangers. You should also prevent riding the tuk-tuk with a driver that has been watching you drink all night. That’s why it is really important to look at your surroundings and check even the tiniest details. Let me warn you that there had been reports of rape at some of the bars in Sihanoukville. But then again, you could prevent such from happening if you don’t lose your right mind while partying. Always guard yourself. Always be with your friends.

Cambodia can open you to a very rich cultural experience and historical adventure. The reports about crime and other stuff shall not cause you to skip this beautiful part of our earth. As with any other place in the world, you only need to practice the right kind of vigilance and awareness in order to survive and enjoy the treasures that travel could bring. Hopefully this answers your question if Cambodia is safe?

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