Most Famous Deaths At Disneyland

Disneyland is a dream place for most of us. However magical and beautiful its façade is, there still lies an ugly truth about Disneyland – it is also home to some of the most morbid deaths in the history of mankind.

It is very important to be informed about these maladies of the theme park industry in order to give us lessons for future travels. We are telling you this simply for knowledge building and never to shoo you away from having a magical experience.


Most Famous Deaths In Disneyland:

Loose Rope Mishap

A devastating accident happened in 1998 when the park attendees failed to fulfill their responsibilities well. It was a day before Christmas when three people got hit by Columbia, a sailing ship the same river where the teenage boys experienced a cruel drowning death. The accident was caused by a loose and torn cord that attached the sailing ship to its foundations. Because of this mishap, the management started to improve its rides.


Monorail Track Dragging

In 1966, there was a young man who sneaked into the premises of the theme park. He scaled the Monorail track and during the process was hit by the train. The fellow unfortunately died a very violent death where he suffered serious injuries and broken bones after being dragged 30 feet from his original position.


River Drowning

You know how kids could be so adventurously mischievous at times. One day in the summer season of 1973, a terrifying drowning incident happened at the Tom Sawyer Island. There were two siblings who tried to stow away and sneak beyond the operating hours of the theme park. In order not to successfully hide from all authorities, the two siblings decided to swim across the Rivers of America. Although everything was fairly doing well at first for the two brothers, the younger one suddenly almost drowned if not for the courageous effort of the older brother to save him. Lucky enough, they were found by security personnel before both of them have fully drowned. However, only the younger was saved because the older sibling’s body was left swept away by the waters of the island.

Eleven years after that drowning incident, another teenager and his friend drowned in the Rivers of America. These two sneaked from the theme park’s security officers and grabbed a motorboat for ride in the wee hours of the night. The motorboat tossed overboard and left the teenager drowning in the river.

The People Mover or Murderer?

The People Mover once gained the fondness of Disneyland’s patrons. However, a couple of people have seen their deaths in this place, thus gaining its label as The People Killer.

In 1967, a teenage boy who was walking through a tunnel got hit and morbidly crushed by passing cars. Then after more than a decade, another teenager was crushed at the SuperSpeed Tunnel as he tried to transfer from one car to another. The boy was not saved immediately as the operator only noticed him after he had been dragged a hundred feet from the site of the accident.


Crushed Into the Walls

In the early part of 1970s, a female host died after being crushed by a malfunctioning rotating wall and stage. Her job was to welcome theme park visitors to America Sings, a theater setting inside Disneyland. However, she failed to continue the beautiful job as she passed away after the accidents.


Throttler Bobsled

Another teenage boy suffered severe wounds and broken bones after trying a mischievous trick at one of the theme park’s rides. It was the fifth month of 1964 when the young boy released himself from the buckle of Matterhorn Bobsled. Failing on his trick, he suffered unimaginable body injuries and died after a couple of days of suffering.

Then in the early 1980s, it was a woman of her late 40s who was thrown from her Matterhorn Bobsled seat. She went full throttle on the mountainous area and was also hit by other bobsleds.


Theme Park Violence

It is very sad how young people could get into trouble in a magical place. A teenage boy involved himself in a fight and was stabbed by his enemies. This stabbing incident happened in 1981 at Disneyland’s Tomorrowland.


What do we get from these accounts?

Why did I choose to recount these stories? Again, I do not want to scare the nerves out of your bodies. I simply want to share meaningful accounts where we could all pick some helpful lessons from.

Very few accidents happened because of operations and management. Most accidents transpired because those people advertently disobeyed the regulations.

If you want to prevent these stories from happening to you, then better follow all the regulations set forth by the management. Joy and safety must always come together.


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