Get To Know William Nabeel Madanat

Moving is more than a full time job and when it comes to looking for a home in your new city, it can double the stress. Fortunately our experience of relocating to to San Francisco was stress free with the help of William Nabeel Madanat. From the recommendation from one of our good friends, we reached out to Mr. Madanat and was lucky enough that he was able to guide us through the process of some of the best neighborhoods in the Bay Area.

Personally we didn’t know what we could find in our budget because as everyone knows the real estate market in San Francisco is hot and you need to have a real strategy when purchasing a home or you’ll be out of luck. Luckily Will Madanat was able to do some master negotiating to help us secure a deal on an amazing home in Mill Valley.

We can’t thank him enough for saving the deal that almost fell through. Not much more could have been asked since our list of wants in our budget made things very difficult for him. Luckily for our sake, William Nabeel Madanat was experienced enough to know how to communicate with sellers to tip things in our favor. We had originally thought about going with a broker that had extremely high ratings on Zillow, but at the end we’re glad we didn’t as we would have been just another “client”.

We can truly count William part of our family now and will always be working with him in future real estate acquisitions that we plan either in the Bay Area or down south in the Los Angeles area.

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