Tahiti And Bora Bora: Flat Bed Business Class Options

Do you have any plans of traveling to Tahiti and Bora Bora? Then maybe, you are wondering whether or not there are flatbed business class flights going to such destinations. Well, this could be considered as a long haul international flight, but there are not flatbed business class flights to make your travel a lot more comfortable. Still, the destination itself will keep your excitement while on a flight.


The Airlines To Tahiti

If you got plans of going to Tahiti, then you must be familiar with the airlines that are flying to the said destination:

  • Air France from Los Angeles LAX and Paris CDG (via LAX)
  • Air New Zealand from Auckland AKL
  • Air Tahiti Nui Auckland AKL, Los Angeles LAX, Paris CDG, and Tokyo NRT
  • Hawaiian Airlines once a week on Saturdays from Honolulu HNL
  • LAN from Easter Island IPC, Santiago de Chile SCL


The Air New Zealand Business Class

The Air New Zealand is a really a good carrier with quality planes that offer cool amenities and nice features. However, the airline does not use its Business Premier planes for flights going from Auckland towards Tahiti. It only uses a Business Class that has only recliner seats. The 767-300 planes have a total of 24 seats that are in 2-2-2 configuration.

It would be possible to use your Star Alliance Airline Miles when reserving tickets for the Air New Zealand Tahiti flight. However, I find it really difficult to do so because of certain things.

Oh, I just really hope that airlines start to make major improvements to their planes traveling to Bora Bora and Tahiti. Long haul international flights should be more comfortable with flatbed features.


The Air Tahiti Nui Business Class

I personally appreciate the seats offered by the Air Tahiti Nui Business Class flights. They are definitely a lot more comfortable than the previous ones. Despite the recent changes done to the planes, the seats just have the angled flat features. There are a total of 32 seats in every plane which is configured in a 2-2-2 pattern. Once you get in the plane, it would not be hard to notice that the seats are narrow when compared to other planes which are flying on a business class.

Still, what’s great with the Air Tahiti Nui is that they offer daily long-haul international flights to and from Tahiti. Also, travelers can redeem American AAdvantage points and Delta SkyMiles for the flights.

Another wonderful news from the airline is that they will be having new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner in the latter part of year 2018. According to the officers, it is part of celebrating their 20 decades of being in the business. I really hope that they include a flatbed feature in their planes soon!


The Air France Business Class

Air France Business Class is a very reputable airline that offers really wonderful services. Although the Air France has already unveiled its new Business Class seats, the planes flying to Tahiti are still not equipped with such amenities. I think that it may still take years before the airline equips their planes going to Tahiti with such feature.

The Air France has at least three flights weekly going to Tahiti. The 777-200ER flights are equipped with angle flat seats, which is configured in a 2-3-2 pattern, and with total seats of 33. If you are fond of earning points, then you can definitely gain and also redeem Air France Flying Blue Miles, Delta SkyMiles, and SkyTeam Miles from your AirFrance Tahiti flight.

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