10 Best Things To Do In Bologna – 2018/2019 Edition

What comes first to your mind when you hear the word “Bologna”? You fluidly think about “food”, right? Definitely, the food that you relate to is also a direct disambiguation of the city in Italy. The stunning Bologna is the largest and the capital city of Emilia Romagna in Italy. A city with such amazing natural beauty doubled up with outstanding architecture. If you plan on visiting here, we have a guide on the 10 best things to do in Bologna.

Bologna is such a remarkable city that modern living spaces perfectly match the middle-aged atmosphere. We picked few things to see in Bologna that you can enjoy doing in your visit that you should never miss. Or you can make your own list and tell us something about the best things to do in Bologna.


10 Best Things To Do In Bologna

Eat A Local Bologna Dish

There are over a hundred restaurants, food carts and other food establishments around Bologna BO. Dare to hop in and dine to random restaurants in the area and enjoy some of the best things to eat in Bologna.

Try the most famous Bologna dish, which is also known locally as Mortadella. It has a unique cured-meat taste. It is worth trying! Also, contrary to other versions all over the world, you can also try other local authentic Bolognese dishes such as lasagna, Tortellini, and gelato.


Visit The Ducati Museum

For bike enthusiasts, the museum for Ducati motored-two-wheeled-vehicles is the best highlight of the trip. The Ducati museum exhibits the earliest luxurious Ducati bikes up until to the newest designed and assembled models. For motorcycle lovers, this is the best thing to do in Bologna.


Reach The Top Of Towers Of Bologna

A mysterious landmark in Bologna is still standing up proudly and stunningly in the middle of the heart of the city and is a great thing to see in Bologna. Although it is not clear to this day, what was the purpose of the construction of what was used to be the tallest structure in Italy in Middle-ages. It is believed that the two towers were built out of status symbol and defense resolution for the rich families in the past.


Walk Around Basilica Of San Domenico

Dominican missionaries have also been able to build the basilica in the old Bologna reign. The Basilica of San Domenica was built in the year 1228. Great artists contributed to the church’s structure from Nicola Pisano, Michaelangelo, and Arnolfo di Cambio.

Around the basilica, there are ample spaces, and other historical buildings to visit too. Chapels what was built as earliest as you can imagine are still intact and are sturdy around the Basilica of San Domenico.


Stroll Around Old City Streets Of Piazza Maggiore

Located in the central area of Bologna, echoes the 15th-century settings of the old Italy. The famous Fountain and Statue of Neptune can also be seen there on top of the gorgeous Basilica San Petronio. You can take pictures and feel the antique atmosphere of the city as this is a must see thing in Bologna.

Aside from the famous Neptune’s Statue in Basilica San Petronio, there are also other famous must-see famous tourist’s spots in Piazza Maggiore. You can walk around the center square area and visit the museum Palazzo d’Accursio – which was used to be the old city hall of Bologna, Palazzo dei Note – which what used to be the previous old notaries’ guild meeting area, Palazzo Dei Banchie – which where the bank and business area is located, and the Palazzo Ddi Podesta – as the main civic and communal building for important meetings.


Climb To The Top Of Sanctuary Of Madonna of San Luca

The basilica is located stunningly on top of a hill filled with different towering trees. The climate over the top of Sanctuary of Madonna is relaxing and pleasant.

The church also used to have cable cars climbing on top the sanctuary. Unfortunately, due to increasing number and cheaper mode of transportation going up the cable stopped operating in late 1976.


Discover Arts At The Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna

The museum used to be the former Jesuits novitiate of the old Bologna university belt. The building also houses the Academy of Fine Arts, as well and is a great thing to do in Bologna.

The Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna has quite a lot of paintings during the Emilian paintings era as early as 13th century.


Shop At Via Indipendenza

Via Indipendenza is one of the best places in Bologna to shop for souvenirs, dine, and check out fashionable items, as this is a fun thing to do in Bologna.

The main street is filled with stalls, shops, and restaurants where tourists and local residents often spend time unwinding. People can shop for clothes, souvenirs, foods and all things that you needed; while walking on the paved-stone-coated streets.


Visit The Palazzo Albergati

The palace was the iconic home of one of the rich family of Albergati’s in Bologna in the late 1540’s. Palazzo Albergatti is built in a villa, where there is also a few structures built over decades. It reflects the life of the wealthy families in the past.


Watch A Theatre Shows At Teatro Comunale di Bologna

The grand and one of the most opera venue in Bologna is the Teatro Comunale di Bologna. The original structure of the opera house was burned down in the late 17th century but was eventually rebuilt again after over a decade.

Check out the schedule of opera, stage plays, concerts, and other events on the opera house to catch the most recent shows, as this is a fun thing to do in Bologna.


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