How To Promote Your Travel Blog To Increase Traffic: 8 Great Tips

In the age where everyone relies on the internet, there is an increasing number of people who blog. Interestingly, blogging started as an online journal of most internet users. People write their thoughts, experiences, and questions online the same way they write in their own diaries. Eventually, online journals became references for those who research information online. If you’re one of those people who blog, you might want to know how to promote your travel blog to increase traffic.

Recently, personal vacation experiences and travel tips online have become a craze. Thus, from a personal journal is now a travel blog. So if you finally set up your travel blog, how would increase your page views? How can you promote travel blog to increase traffic and make it go viral and often visited by regular online followers?


8 Ways To Promote Your Travel Blog To Increase Traffic


Blog Regularly And Respond Actively

Once you started writing your travel blog, schedule your article posting and travel video upload. Be consistent with data and time in updating your travel site. This will basically provide familiarity and avenue to your regular followers when to watch out for your next blog post.

A scheduled article posts can also encourage you as the travel page admin to continue and never slack from sharing interesting and helpful articles.

And if there are inquiries and comments on the website, respond as soon as you can while your site visitor is still able to read your response. Being able to create a short conversation on your page, may give an ample of time for your website to be pushed up to the latest search engine.

It’s recommended to start off slow and gradually build your way up. An example of this is start by posting three articles week, later increase it to five articles per week and then try post an article every single day. This will not only allow you to have more content for people to view, it’ll also show search engines like Google that you’re a serious blogger and help improve your search rankings for articles.


Widen Online Social Network

“No man can stand an island”, says the famous tagline for marketing your travel blog site. Join the chat, forums, and page groups to be acquainted with other online users. Once you have gained friends online, make sure to leave or posts URL of your blog site inside forums, group conversations, and other pages. This is a great way to promote your blog to gain more traffic.

By leaving a URL on the popular pages or forums, chances are, there will be other members who will be curious to find out about the link you left behind. Although in rare cases, they may accidentally click the link you posted. And that is also okay, a few more visits on your blog increasing the number of views. More views mean the more chances your blog can be pushed up to the top search engine.


Apply SEO Writing Technique

Make sure you are able to apply SEO (Search Engine Optimization) writing technique. One of the most effective ways to get people discover and know about your travel blog page is to be able to stand out as the top search result in different search engine websites. This can get you more visits from all over the world than you will ever imagine.

First, you have to decide the appropriate and most search keywords online. Example, “How to achieve a viral blog?” or “viral blog”, or “travel blog writing”. It is usually about 1 to 4 kinds of keywords. If people will type the same exact words as your keywords or have typed almost the same keyword search, your travel blog will come up and be suggested as one of the thousands of pages which related to travel blog writing.

You have to aim you need to be at the top 5 suggested links. You can do this by using special keywords. Then make sure you the keywords appear at least 5 to 10% of the total number of words of the article.

Or remarkably, controversial titles (which sometimes are a little bit unrelated to the content) can also give a higher possibility of blog page activity. Using SEO is a great to increase traffic on travel blog and we also recommended you check out Quicksprout and read some articles on how to have better SEO on your blog.


Create Contest Or Chain/ Viral Game For Multiple Views

Most importantly, always aim to create a trendy travel blog post. You can experiment new creative viral topic on travels, or may research old ways to get noticed and be shared many times.

Prizes can get your page most page shares and views, especially if you require Internet users to join by sharing our page first before qualifying for online raffles. Or require to get you page be recommended to 10 people. It will create chains of shares, thus will surely increase page views.

Having an amusing blog post can get your travel blog spread like fire from word of mouth. Unfortunately, weather good or bad increase in fame is never a bad publicity. You can decide if you will opt to make a more pretty and positive viral topic or least trick people to hate your post but just to get their attention for blog visits. It is up to you. But be careful for fake information and the disadvantage of negative publicity or trending.


Start An Irresistible Post  

Creating viral video posts and trending article blogs can make online users curious about your site. Make sure posts on the sites are catchy. Start getting attention on the title line. Otherwise, readers will never take time to open your travel page.

Effective marketing dubbing is the key. Instead of using a title, “New York Tourist Spots”, it may be catchy if you can make it more appealing as “10 Fun Things to Do in New York” or “Least Expensive Ways to Spend your Weekends in New York.” Or you can make it sound controversial like using celebrities’ name or TV Show which can definitely catch one’s attention like “Catch Gossip Girl TV Series and more travel Goals in New York!”

The key is, make internet users notice your travel article and then do the rest of impressing them in the content part. This will greatly help promote your travel blog to get more views.


Write Blogs On Commonly Searched Travel Destination

Start your blog first with the most searched vacation destination. You have researched well the diversity of most of the travelers (age, nationality, gender, occupation, status, among others), and peak season dates. You must also consider recent mot visited tourist destinations around the world.

Knowing your audience, target market readers, type of readers and of course you need to know which the most sought-after travel destination of most vacationers is and travel enthusiasts.


Follow And Leave Other Online Users

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other online social sites can be the best way to market your travel blog. You can gain a lot of social media account followers means you can have also more blog visits and clicks.

You can randomly search other social media user’s account and leave a comment that compliments and positive feedback (creates as a subliminal message that you are extending friendship and in return requests patronage) on their posts as you would also cautiously endorse your blog page by leaving a URL of one of your articles.

Responding actively to audiences comments online can also encourage users to follow you regularly, react and share to your posts often, and also help push your blog to top search engine.

Or you can eye following famous celebrities who may be able to follow you back, may respond to few of your many comments, react to your comments and posts in social media; these will make your social media profile attractive to other followers of the famous internet sensation and will give you ticket to stardom in travel blog writing. Consider it as a free endorsement possibility and another way to increase pageviews on travel blogs.


Create Multiple Social Media Accounts Representing Your Travel Blog 

Most of the people have either email account or social media account. Make sure you have at least 3 (if not all) social media services online. Updating other social media account users of your website can give a chance to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapshot, and more to be well aware of your blog site.

Regularly post links or interesting blogs you wrote that connects to your social media wall. This will redirect social media users to your travel blog to increase traffic.

Also, provide user-friendly, common, trending, and fathom-made hashtags to create more views and visits. Effective tags like #travelblog #travelgoals #bucketlist. Hashed keywords allow social media users to view other related posts regarding the hashtag topics.


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