Weekend In Bruges – Things To Do, See And Eat

Belgium is such a lovely country. It is often times perceived as the land of beauty and great Anglo-Saxon architecture. The largest and main capital city of Belgium is Bruges. Bruges is located in the Flemish region in West Flanders.

Basically visiting Bruges is a dream comes true. The entire Bruges somewhat reflect the Anglo-Saxon period where the old English rule has colonized the area during the ealy 12th to 15th century. That is quite evident in the structure and architecture o the central area of Bruges.

The metropolitan of the Bruges is under the care of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Preserving what was remaining of the old historic city of Bruges in Belgium. The central area of the word heritage area is around 430 hectares.

You can reach Bruges through the Ostend-Bruges International Airport at West Fleming region in Belgium. Flights from all part of the world have daily schedule going to and from there. Let me tell you places you can visit at Bruges in Belgium on weekends.


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Things To Do, See And Eat For A Weekend In Bruges

Bruges Market Square

You can stroll at the Market Square of Bruges. The same place where the Belfry of Bruges is located, you can walk around the central area and take pictures of the old provincial court, and other Word Heritage Gothic architectural structures.


Diamond Museum

Yes! Diamond is girl’s best friend. Aside from tourism and chocolate industry in Bruges, the city is also known for its diamond jewelry making industry. I was able to see different kinds of diamond jewelry designs. The museum shows diamond polishing and exhibits quite a number of expensive ones.

Unfortunately, may be because of high quality and unique design pieces I opted not to purchase one because of expensive price in comparison from pawnshops and other diamond jewelry shops.



Most locals in Bruges are kind, helpful and polite. Maybe because the city’s main industry is tourism. As we walked and enjoy the natural scenery on the Minnewaterpark, you can meet few locals enjoying also a peaceful and quite time in the park area. There is an eye-catching bridge (“Lover’s Bridge”, because most couples meet and have romantic conversations over the bridge), underneath of it is a small body of water which they call “Lake of Love” in the park where I was able to get great selfies. The place is less crowded and quiet.



Visit the Groeningmuseum, where a artifacts, artworks and other memorabilias from the medieval period of the Flemish and Belgian era are exhibited. The museum is maintained and run by the municipality in Bruges. Art pieces are quite different for the Gothic ones you will see outside the building architectures.


St. Salvator’s Cathedral

Often times the church of St. Salvator is often neglected and by tourists because most of the establishments surround the old Gothic Cathedral is more on commercial spaces like chocolate and beer shops.

The outer architecture is more evident with Gothic medieval era, but because of the renovations over the years, the inside of the cathedral is less appealing. Over all, it was worth the time to explore the church itself because of the rich historical value.


Belfry of Bruges 

Climb the most visited medieval tower in Bruges. When you visit this tall monument in the middle of the city of Bruges, expect a lot of tourists waiting in line to take their turn to climb the Belfry of Bruges.

The stairs going up is a bit stiff, winding, and narrow so make sure to assist kids and adults while climbing up. But when you reach the top it was a great experience to see the whole city form above.


Huisbrouwerij De Halve Maan

For beer lovers like me, the Huisbrouwerji De Halve Maan is the highlight of my weekend getaway in Bruges. The beer brewery is owned by a family that conducts brewery tour inside the plant. The brewery also has its own museum and restaurants where guests can drink from variety of beer made from the plant.



Markt is a central area where I enjoyed most. Aside from it is only few steps away from Belfry tower; I have the chance to chat with other tourists and locals as well. The place is surrounded with various restaurants that served delectable European food choices, and as well as shops where tourists like me can by souvenirs and shop for clothes, accessories, and local produced and crafts products.

The place is quite crowded, so as often as I remind other travelers – places where there are a lot of people are often a magnet for schemers and pickpockets. So, make sure to be careful with your things as you enjoy a day of strolling, shopping, dining, and making friends in Markt.



Bruges, is also famous for its chocolate industry too! Yes, you guessed correctly, Choco-Story is a museum exhibiting a lot of chocolate making industry. Travellers with kids would surely enjoy the place. On weekends, the museum is not that crowded.


Boat Tripps Brugge

Well, it is not as romantic as riding a gondola, but is more like an adventure ride on speed boat. Pump boats are often used but all are decent and clean. This is so far one of the best activities I did around Bruges.

Aside from walking around, and riding bus to discover the city of Bruges, this is another way to explore and appreciate the city by riding a boat on Bruges canal.



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