Bruges Tours: 8 Best Tours To Go On In Bruges

If there ever was the perfect medieval town created – with the quintessential canals, cobblestones streets and fairy-tale castles – it would be Bruges. One of the most famous medieval cities in Europe, Bruges is charming in every way possible and going on a tour in Bruges will allow you to see everything. Whether you’re traveling there solo or with friends or with your spouse – Bruges will allure you with its charm. The cobbled lanes are perched between dreamy buildings and edifices and market squares are mindfully dotted with old historic churches…It’s a city that is filled with a tranquil charm, an essence so magnificent it’ll make you feel like Christmas is there around every corner.

The local beer, the local delicacies, the tourists, the hidden streets, the bars –  with a Bruges tour it’s going to steal your heart. The attractions there range from picturesque to peaceful to entertaining and charming. It is a constant stream of beauty and a reflection of the true gothic styles.


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What better way to see a city than through its canals? Try a canal tour

The first thing you do at a city with canals should always be: float with the canals. It’s one thing to see from Bruges by walking round or even taking a hop-on hop-off bus, but it’s a completely different experience to see the city as you float away between the magical canals as the attractions soar around you…It brings you up close and personal to the incredible sits of the city – some you might have not even notices. The other great thing is that you can start your canal boat tour practically from anywhere around Bruges – the most popular being off Burg Square. If you do purchase the Bruges City Card, the canal tours in Bruges will be included in there.


Explore by bike

People in Bruges are very big on cycling and the city is actually perfect for anyone who’s interested in that. The scenery is too beautiful and you can explore it through walking but you’ll keep wanting more and more, so the best way to see the entire city is to go cycling. You’ll find so many tour companies around Bruges that offer cycling tours so you can discover the city with them. Again, the advantages are a lot of Bruges bike tours:

  • You won’t be getting lost!
  • You’ll have someone to tell you the history.
  • You’ll be cycling around with people as well, so won’t feel bored or lonely.


Of course, you can end up having a trip on your own if you relish the flexibility and independence of getting lost in new cities!


Explore on horses

A medieval town pretty much calls for medieval practices. If you don’t ride down a horse drawn carriage around the hauntingly gothic edifices of Bruges – where will you then? The fairy-tale experience will keep you star struck for a while. With the squares, the Grote Markt, the bars and the beautiful little streets – you will love the whole experience of a Bruges horse tour.


Explore on foot

Bruges is great to check out by walking around (so is every European city as well!). You get a different feel of the city – an almost raw, untouched, feeling that gets you up close and personal with your surroundings and with the main attractions. Nothing is better than getting lost in winding medieval streets and discovering little hidden secrets you would have otherwise not seen before. You can try taking a walking tour like In Brugge Walking Tour.



  • Free
  • You get to meet a lot of different types of people.
  • You don’t feel alone walking around and exploring the city.
  • You have a tour guide who explains to you the importance of some of the main attractions.
  • You’ll be introduced to the hidden secrets, and to the nooks and crannies of the city.


We’ve done water, we’ve done earth, now it’s time to do air!

If you’ve experience Bruges on foot, and you’ve experienced it through the canals – the only thing that’s left to do is to explore it from above through a bird’s eye view with a hot-air balloon ride! This will give you a completely changed view of the whole city – you’ll see how the different parts of the city intertwine together to create gorgeous aesthetically pleasing formations. The soaring spires, the winding streets, the canals that snake their way through it all…It makes you see the whole city from above. Again, through your Brugge City Card, you’d be able to get many perks including:

  • free boat tours.
  • Free city tours.
  • Discounts on some of the main attractions.
  • Discount on the hot air balloon.


Take a Belgian beer tour

Honestly, it would be a complete waste to actually visit Belgium without taking a beer tour in Bruges. The beer there is renowned for its savory taste and its one of those local delicacies you cannot miss out on. Whether you want to go pub-hopping, or you want to get an actual real beer experience; you can do both in Bruges. Some breweries do beer tours that start from De Halve Maan while hostels are usually the ones mostly known for making the beer tours. You’ll be meeting new people and getting cultural and fun information about the beers you’re drinking!


What tops beer? Well, chocolate of course

Try out the savory Belgian chocolate by going on a chocolate tour at Choco story. Not only will you be learning about the history of the chocolate but you’ll also find:

  • Demonstrations.
  • Recipes.
  • Games.
  • You’ll be able to take 1 kilogram of chocolate with you home!


Note: Try checking out the chocolate at the Old Chocolate House!



Take a trip to Damme

After exploring all of Bruges, you can take a riverboat trip to Damme and explore all of the surrounding areas. The thing about Damme is the destination is as good as the actual city. You’ll be passing soaring medieval churches, windmills and gorgeous scenery that it won’t be just another town to visit. You have the choice of taking a riverboat, cycling or walking towards there.


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