5 Best Things To Do In Minsk, Belarus

Tourists love to frolic and relax on grand scenery of historical places around the world. The easy access to travel has given a lot of people chance to do that. Asia and Europe are two of the continents that have the number historical places to visit.

Europe has a lot of countries to tour, and on this article, we will feature the largest city in Belarus in Europe – Minsk. Minsk City is separated with hills, lakes and rivers; which makes the city a nice place to visit despite of the bustling sound of vehicles and crowded people. Minks City is the capital of Belarus, so as expected for most central city of most countries; the metro is filled with a lot of workers, companies, buildings and vehicles. There’s lots of great things to do in Minsk.

Despite of the progressive and urban looking view of the city, the hills around that used to be a protective territorial landmark of Minsk in the middle ages makes it pleasing to take an adventure there for sightseeing and other outdoor activities. Check out our list of the 5 best things to do in Minsk.


5 Best Things To Do In Minsk

Watch Ballet, Opera And Other Theatre Acts

After taking a tour around the busy yet historic metropolis of Minsk the whole day, you can take a relaxing evening watching theater and other stage performances in the evening. You can in fact visit different concert halls and theatres in Minsk at all seasons, all year!

The National Academic Big Opera and Ballet Theatre was first built in the early civilization of the city. First it was intended to house military horse and later permanent structures was built around making it as a place for world class classical opera performances. Then later ballet shows followed and this is one of the best things to do in Minsk.

There are also other remarkable theatres in Belarusan state Circus, Misnk like Janka Kupala Nationale Theatre, Maksim Gorky Theatre, Music Theatre, Puppet Theatre, Teatr Studiya Kinoaktera, and the Young Spectator’s Theatre. You can check out ballet, concerts, opera, stage plays, and other shows in Belarus at http://bolshoibelarus.by/eng/


Visit Museums And Other Historical Sites

Belarus where Minsk city is located is around Europe’s Lithuania and Poland; and about within close to boarders of Moscow. That would tell about the previous stories on ordeal and victory of the city. Walk around the Victory Square and you can see granite statue which is artistically built.

Start with Island of Tears, Independence Square, the Belarusian Great Patriotic War Museum and the Belarusian National History Museum where it shows important memoirs of the survival of Belarusa from war and other greatest event highlights on the history of Belarusa. You can also try to visit paintings and other art masterpieces at the Belarusian National Art Museum. This is a great thing to see in Minsk.

Another would be a modern and unique Cat Museum, which well, you know – exhibits anything and everything about cats! Then also be amazed with artworks of miniature artworks at the Museum of Minatures and Muzey Miniatyur “Strana Mini”.

Or you can try to check out boo collections at the National Library of Belarus, where the building architecture itself is worth visiting for.


Take A Nature Trip

With the hills, lakes and rivers found within the city of Minsk, you can take a nature walk, and frolic under a bright Sky or gloomy sky. Each season may bring you a different scenery of the same park or garden. Walk around at Minsk’s Central Botanical Garden. Often times, autumn is the best season to check out colorful bright leaves in the garden.

Gorky Park is also a wonderful place to wander. The park has an area where various open space concerts and performances can be observed. While on the other edge of the park, there are store stalls, cafes and knick knack shops where you can have some snacks and buy souvenirs. You can also wander around the Minsk Zoo, see local breed animals and those from afar.

Check out other unique garden and parks like Trinity Hill, Čaliuskincaŭ Park, Hrušaŭski Garden Square, Janki Kupaly Park, Kijeŭski Garden Square, Michajlaŭski Garden Square, Park of Stones, Sievastopaĺski Park, Sendajski Garden Square, Trajeckaja Hara Garden Square, Tučynski Garden Square, Ulitsa Sevastopol’skaya, , and Victory Park.


Try Out Some Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities are best done on summer time in Minsk. The sky is usually clear and weather is predictable. Book kayak, paddle boarding, and boating activities on the rivers and lakes in Minsk which boarders the city’s territory. The water sports activities are a refreshing tour itinerary for Minsk. You can also join paint ball, zip line, rent 4WD, car racing vehicles, bike, ATV, and off -road adventures.


Food And Drink Tasting Adventure In Minsk Local Eateries, Cafes, Bars, And Restaurants

Usually, Belarusan dishes consist of potato ingredient. It is probably because potato can be abundantly harvested around the hilly areas of the city. In addition to the contribution of such civilization that have resided in the city in the past.



Draniki is a popular fried potato dish in Belarusa. It is a salted pancake made out of grinded potatoes. It may seem like a flattened fries or a chips. 

Try to eat Kletski is the most popular food for locals and tourists. It can be bought almost anywhere from stalls, and even high end restaurants because it is really easy and fast to prepare, just by boiling. It is a local Belarusian version of dumplings.


Side Dish:

Galushki is a rolled flat from mixture of flour, eggs, butter, and meat. The Galushki is then fried. Often this is served with either garlic sauce or sour cream. There are those who prefer sweet dips like a combination of condensed milk and melted butter.



The Zhurek can be traced back from the time of Monomkh period. This is made out of lighten with yeast black bread and undergoes series of mixture with garlic, vegetables, and meat in a heavy lilted t fire until it boils and meat is tender. A sip of this soup can be calming and tasty especially on winter season.


Main Dish:

The Tukmachi or Kobrin is a traditional Belarusian food. It is made from the common Minsk ingredient, potato. It also has to be cooked with fried onions, fried meat fat, and milk or salted curd. There are also those who add other fried fungus like mushroom, zucchini, cabbages, and other vegetables.



Karavai is the same dough as a doughnut but now whole inside. Usually about 5 to 10 inches diameter wide circle, topped with melted chocolate and different sweet colored garnishes. It is often given as a wedding gift to newlyweds in Belarus.

A Babka is a famous potato casserole. It is cooked with sour cream, potatoes, and meat in a pan until it becomes heavily thick and a thick crust can be seen at the bottom.

Another potato recipe is thick dough of flour, mashed potatoes, and beaten eggs. The dough is turned into a fist like shaped, in which cottage cheese is used as filling. The dough with cheese inside is then fried or baked until the outside is golden brown.



The Tsibriki is a mashed potato, rolled into balls that has generous amount of cheese inside. The melted cheese inside as it is fried on a medium fire tastes fantastic! Often times it is easten with beer, and wine.

Nalistniki is a thin white pancake rolled and has cottage cheese and sweet stuffing inside. Some restaurants put fresh berries, sweetened mushroom, jammed fruits, and other possible tasty fruits.



Just a friendly reminder to those who have not visited Minsk yet or to those who are planning to visit Minsk, since this is a busy metropolitan and quite a magnet for tourists; tourists must always be vigilant on the valuables they carry to prevent themselves be victimized by pickpockets, and other scams. This does not just apply only at this city but all other countries as well. Seasoned travellers know this by heart.



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