Things To Do In Barcelona In April 2018/2019

Planning to travel in April and want to know of things to do in Barcelona in April 2018? Barcelona is the place to visit during this month. There are abundant of things to do in Barcelona during April. There are events you should not miss once you are in Barcelona. They give you the historical, traditional feeling of this great state.

They also show the flavor and the spirit of the people of Barcelona. April welcomes the spring season in Barcelona. The weather here is warm, and it is perfect for touring around. The following are things to do in Barcelona that will maximize your experience in this wonderful city.


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Ensure that you go to the CaixaForum every time you visit, as it’s a must do thing in Barcelona. This was first a textile factory, a Spanish civil Guard warehouse and also a prison during the time of Franco. The La Caixa which is a financial institution has then brought this establishment back after it was abandoned for such a long time. This financial institution made this building a cultural and event center where event and exhibitions are organized.

There are concerts for kids every weekend I April. The exhibitions done in this place are unique, and its constructions act as a reference point since it was perfect. Do not fail to visit this wonderful establishment and make it a point of reference.


Feria De Abril

The April Fair is the other thing to do in Barcelona. This activity was originally done in Sevilla, but later Barcelona came up with their version. It is carried out from the 28th day of April to the 7th day of May. The weather during this time is perfect, and you should not miss the fantastic opportunity of singing, drinking, dancing, food, and colors. These ten days should make you feel like a real Barcelonan.

There is a great attraction of viewing the Barcelona coastline and other stands where you can taste all the traditional Spanish foods and drinks. The traditional bands perform every day for the ten days, and people are all dressed in traditional costumes. This even is worth a visit and is fun thing to do in Barcelona in April. The party is celebrated by basically everyone from the youngest to the oldest in the city.


Sant Jordi’s Day

On the 23rd day of April, Barcelonans celebrate the Sat Jordis day. They celebrate a hero who was the patron saint of Catalonia. He is said to have rescued a princess from a dragon and thus this day they celebrate the victory of good deed over the evil. Love in this day is in the air, and it can be the best time to propose to your spouse.

In the past, the lover’s affair and the rose’s affair were organized by the Saint Jordi Chapel. Later the day becomes a World books day and thus tradition advice couples to give gifts to one another. A woman is supposed to give their male spouse a book and the man is supposed to give their beloved spouse a rose.

People celebrate different human values on this day such as patriotism, culture, and love. Get to La Ramblanon on this day and understand the origin, tradition, history, and culture of love and romance.


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Semana Santa

Semana Santa in Barcelona is the Holy Week. This Holy week which is the most religious week in this city starts on 9th April to 15th April. This is the time when Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus as well as the love of Christ to Human beings.

There are a lot of foods cooked during this time, but meat is not one of them. Catholics do not eat meat during this time because they are mourning for the shed of Blood on the cross. Some of the mostly served traditional meals during this time include el bacalao esqueixat and el bacalao con sanfaina. There are also a lot of religious parades that take place in the city during Semana Santa and lots of great things to do in Barcelona in April during this time.

This Holy week is a very important week in Barcelona since it has a historical touch to Spain. If you are in Barcelona during this time, you will enjoy the amazing traditional dishes, several parades, and the beautifully decorated city.


D’A – Festival Internacional De Cine De Autor De Barcelona

This is the other place you need to attend after you have visited the other wonderful places in Las Ramblas and things to do in Barcelona. The film festival here will start on the 27th day of April to the 7th day of May. This is one of the most famous places where people go to enjoy the culture of Barcelona. You will also see the different internationally known films, latest films makers in the city. You will be ahead of time since you will also see new independent movies, their directors and the critiques.

On top of this, there are concerts sessions, live performances, colloquiums, workshops and a lot of talks depending on the program of the festival (

With the above ideas on the places to visit and the things to do in Barcelona in April, you should start planning the trip. The romantic, traditional, religious and cultural events in this city will give you an experience you can never forget in your entire life. The unique events in unique places will give you a unique story to get back home.


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