Things To Do In Barcelona Around Las Ramblas – 2018/2019

Les Rambles is the Catalan version of the Spanish Las Ramblas found in Barcelona. Many people call it the Las Ramblas but the two manes call for the same place, and you will be understood when you ask for any. There are several things to do in Barcelona around Las Ramblas and below is just a guide:


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Things To Do In Barcelona Around Las Ramblas

Eat At La Boqueria

The list of the things to do around Les Rambles will not end without mentioning the La Boqueria market. It is one of the most generous markets you will find in this visit. People in this markets care a lot about the items they present to tourists. Don’t get out of Les Rambles without taking their food. Even the most famous chefs have been seen having a meal in this place showing how great their products and services are.


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Fancy An Opera Session?

Listening to Opera is another activity you should do in Les Rambles. You can go to Barcelona Opera House is located in the middle of Les will cost you some cash but the budget is not too much. Liceu has been destroyed many times since it was constructed in the year 1847. The last time it got destroyed was in 1994, but you don’t need to worry. It is now a safe place where you can tour comfortably. You will need an approximate of six dollars and view the wonderful sight of this great opera house. This is something that many love doing in Barcelona around Las Ramblas in 2018.


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Free Art For Everybody

There are two very famous museums in Barcelona. These at places are free, and you should consider spending your time there. Arts Santa Monica is one of the great museums in Barcelona. It is found next to the Drassanes Metro Stop, in front of the wax museum, next to the sea at the end of the avenue.

The other creativity center is the Arts Santa Monica. It features exhibitions on the Catalan culture, workshops related to new media and contemporary art. Palau de la Virreina also specializes in contemporary art. It is also called the image center. On top of the art, they have other activities that are not related to art such as graphical and audiovisual content. This way people interested in other forms of exhibitions which are not art will also enjoy their time in this museum.


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Taste Chocolate The Way You Desire

For those asking for things to do in Barcelona around Las Ramblas that involves food, then there is an ideal place for you. You can have a merienda chocolate with xurros at Carrer Petritxol. The alley is parallel to Les Rambles. Find, or Carrer Portaferrissa or Carrer Cardenal Casanyas and they will take you there. Here you will see some granges ready to serve you. These traditional bars will serve you with a melted delicious chocolate. You can the deep some sweetened and fried churros for a more personal taste. This is a hidden place, and you can be guaranteed to enjoy your time.

If you have not visited Les Rambles before then, you should start to plan today. The great places discussed above are not just common places. They are unique, and they will give you an experience you have never experienced before. This magic avenue has something for everyone irrespective of the age or gender.



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