5 Best Things To Do In Manama, Bahrain

Would you like to witness the wealth of Arabian countries? Then you have to visit Bahrain and more particularly its capital city which is Manama. You would not only see material wealth abounding in the city but also the kind of wealth that is inherent to their culture and tradition. You will definitely love to experience the mixture of Arabian and Persian influences that are brought about by the complex history surrounding the place. There’s lots of great things to do in Manama and we’ll tell you about some of them below.

The legendary stories about Bahrain are highly intriguing specifically because it is believed to be the real Garden of Eden that was talked about in the Bible. Bahrain also proves to be more deserving of your visit because of the progressive economic development of the place. You may even consider putting in some investments to this country that has bountiful sources of oil, reliable financial institutions, and efficient communication technology.

Apart from having some of the most glamorous hotels, hospitable restaurants, gourmet delicacies, and cultural performances, there are other things to enjoy in Manama. It wouldn’t have been named as the place of dreams if not for its beauty. Here are the five things to do in Manama.


Best Things To Do In Manama

Explore Archeological Wonders At Qal’at Al Bahrain

If you want to personally be part of a history that is centuries old, then you have to make sure that you go to Qal’at Al Bahrain when you visit Manama. What do you expect to see on the site? You will see artificial mounds that effectively give visual accounts of the different groups of people that occupied the place. You will surely feel dumbfounded as you realize that the land you are stepping on was once the center of the Dilmun Civilization in 2300 BC and the trading fort of the Portuguese colony during the early 16th Century. This is one of the best things to see in Manama. Traversing the mounds is like being transported back in time when the Portuguese government used Qal’at Al Bahrain as their military base. The archaeological wonders of the fortresses, mounds, and towers are all worthy of your time.


Be Amazed Of Animal Wonders At Al Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve

Bahrain is also plagued with different environmental worries such as the extinction of a couple of wildlife species. In order to address the problem, the King ordered the construction of the Al Areen Wildlife Park and Reserve that would serve as a haven for endangered species that can only be found in the country. It is a very progressive action that is hoped to be followed by other Middle Eastern countries. This is one of the best things to see in Bahrain. The place is definitely great for those who are bringing children to their tour. You and your kids will definitely be amazed by the reem gazelle, the addax, and the oryx.


Understand Islam At Al Fateh Mosque

Going to an Arabic country could also result in a more accepting view of other religions and different cultures. You must visit the Al Fateh Mosque in order to learn more about Islam as a religion and also as a way of life. The Al Fateh Mosque is actually located inside the Ahmed Al-Fateh Center which contains other establishments for Quranic studies. This is probably one of the best things to do in Manama. The center was established in the late 1980s and has since served as the center for more than 7,000 Muslims for their worships. You will surely marvel at the structure of the Al Fateh Mosque considering that it has a huge area which is more than 6,000 square meters. You can even consider its building as an architectural pride of Bahrain for having been built with only the finest materials available. It has an Italian marble flooring, a full fiberglass dome, stained glass windows, Austrian chandeliers, and French lamps.


Be Astonished By Royal Lifestyle In Beit Sheikh Isa bin Ali

If you want to get a glimpse of how royal Arab families spend their time and use their wealth, then you have to travel to Muharraq Island in order to get to the Beit Sheikh Isa bin Ali. This destination is actually considered as one of the earliest houses built in Bahrain. It was home to the King’s ancestor in the 19th Century. By visiting the royal house of the longest ruler of Bahrain, you also effectively discover the affluence of their material resources and also the depth of their artistic knowledge. The structure proves that the then-King Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa was a lover of fantastic architectural creation. This is one of the best things to do in Bahrain.


Shop At Manama Souk

Tourists who would like to find the most beautiful pearls and the most precious gold jewelry usually visit the Manama Souk. It is located in the central business district of the city just behind the Bab al-Bahrain. As you reach the place, you will be greeted by a variety of interesting shops that are spread across the streets. Apart from gold and pearl, you can also get some of the best deals for buying mobile phones, cameras, laptops, spices, and other Arabic products. Here you’ll find great places to eat in Manama and lots of fun activities to do in Bahrain.


Trivia About Bahrain

  • Bahrain is an archipelago. There are 33 islands that make up this archipelago.
  • You may find Bahrain in the gulf between Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
  • Saudi Arabians and Bahrainis could personally interact with each other by crossing King Fahd Causeway which is a 26-kilometer bridge that connects the two nations.
  • It was only in the early 2000s that female citizens were given the right to suffrage or to take part in elections.
  • Bahrain is a pioneer in the use of wind turbines for electricity generation. The Bahrain World Trade Centerholds the world record for being the first skyscraper to have used wind turbines for generating significant amounts of electrical power.
  • Car lovers have a special place in Bahrain because the first Middle Eastern Formula One Grand Prix was actually held in The Bahrain Grand Prix.
  • If you want to have a souvenir with the oldest tree that you could possibly imagine, then you have to take a photograph of the Tree of Life. This tree is quite extraordinary because it was able to survive centuries of drought in the middle of the desert.
  • The best place to visit in order to get a complete understanding of Bahrain’s history and culture is the Bahrain National Museum. It is in this museum where you will find masterful creations of Bahrain’s greatest artists.

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