9 Cool Facts About Azerbaijan And Baku

Azerbaijan is a great country in between both Europe and Asia. Recently the country has been working on developing the country with lots of new infrastructure in hopes of drawing tourists and foreign business. Below, you will find 9 amazing facts about Azerbaijan and Baku no one has told you.


9 Cool Facts About Azerbaijan And Baku

A Nation Of Tea Drinkers

In Azerbaijan, tea is a very popular drink, it is locally served in a pear-shaped glass and is consumed often with jam or lumps of sugar held inside the mouth. A cool fact about Azerbaijan is that many more people drink tea compared to coffee there.


The Festivity Period Of Novruz

Novruz is the oldest national holiday in Azerbaijan where kids leave small caps or bags outside people’s houses. The kids drop their cups or bags, knock on doors and hide in plain sight. Upon their return, the homeowners would have filled their cups or bags with Novruz gifts.

Also, as part of the festivity, single ladies get to throw black coins which have been generally perceived as a sign of bad luck into a jug filled with water so as to locate their better half. The water and the coins will be poured outside before sunset.


A Town Made On Stilts

An Azerbaijan fact is that Neft Dashlar {oily rocks} is the largest town and the first on stilts to be erected at sea. It was built in 1949 and can be found in the Caspian Sea.


Huge Presence Of Oil

The presence of oil in Azerbaijan is mind-blowing. In the 19 century, the Norwegian Nobel family, who are also the initiators of the much-lauded Nobel Prizes got a bigger part of its wealth from the Azerbaijan oil industry.


The Burning Mountain

A cool Azerbaijan fact is that the Burning Mountain is one of the natural wonders in Azerbaijan found in the Absheron peninsula. With the help of natural gasses emanating from the ground, it burns all through the year.


The Game Of Chess

Garry Kasparov, an ex-world champion in chess was born in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan and he attended the school of chess there. The youngest international master chess player Teumur Rajabov also hails from Azerbaijan, he is just 14 years old.


The Land Of Fire

500,000/700,000 years ago, the first recognized fireplace and construction site in the history of humans was discovered in the biggest cave in Azerbaijan, the Azikh cave.


Cumay And The Wolf Head

On your way to Sheki Khan’s palace, you might meet a man called Cumay who usually sits around the corner. On sighting passersby, Cumay usually reveals the stuffed head of a wolf to the amazement of the people passing by. However, if you offer him money {donation} the wolf’s eyes will come alive.


Ready, Steady And Crochet

This is a competition called Seven beauties where seven young ladies are given different colored threads and hooks and they are asked to crotchet stockings within an appointed time. The winner of the competition will be the lady who crotchets better-looking stockings within the least amount of time.


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