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Chile santiago
13 Best Things To Do In Santiago, Chile

Santiago in Chile offers an array of things to do. From hiking, to visit museums to learning a language to reveling in a bustling, colorful culture – the city pretty much has it all. It’s a reflection of the Chilean culture mixed with modern edifices – a great way to experience it all at once.…

Thailand Bangkok
“The Beach” Movie And Book Locations In Thailand

Thailand is simply one of those postcard worthy destinations with everything that caters to the needs of every type of traveler. It’s a paradise on Earth nestled into the heart of South East Asia and offers sprawling beaches, gastronomic delights, gorgeous terrains and an incredible culture. It’s the perfect place for anyone – from the…

France Avignon
13 Top Things To Do In Avignon, France

On the lush banks of the Rhone lies one of the one of the most important cities in Europe – a quintessentially gorgeous French city that was the center of the Roman Catholic world hundreds of years ago. With architecture that is unparalleled, multiple World Heritage sites, beautiful palaces, museums, a quintessential mixture of art…

India Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal Tips: Best Things To Know Before Visiting Taj Mahal

Very few things in life match the grandeur of the Taj Mahal. One of the most burgeoning masterpieces of marble in the world soars into the sky, and stands proudly in India. A place that gets even more magnificent up close – the Taj Mahal is simply the epitome of otherworldly edifices. Since it's such…

Belgium Bruges
Bruges Tours: 8 Best Tours To Go On In Bruges

If there ever was the perfect medieval town created – with the quintessential canals, cobblestones streets and fairy-tale castles – it would be Bruges. One of the most famous medieval cities in Europe, Bruges is charming in every way possible and going on a tour in Bruges will allow you to see everything. Whether you’re…

Thailand Bangkok
2 Week Itinerary For Thailand: Guide On Things To Do In Thailand

A few years ago, Thailand was just a haven for backpackers, a place where they could explore its lush jungles, its beautiful calm beaches and its beautifully chaotic cities. Nowadays, Thailand is the absolute travel hub of SouthEast Asia. Not only is it one of the most visited tourist destinations in Asia, it’s also one…

Travel travelhacks
11 Unnecessary Items Packed When Traveling But Is Never Used

The rush you get when you’re traveling, the promise of unseen streets, the unexplored cities, the unheard languages, the unexplored cultures….It’s all incredible, enthralling and just too exciting…Until of course you have to pack. We’ve all been there, panicking as we sit on our bags trying to close it as we fit everything in. The…

Malaysia kuala lumpur
Malaysia Pet-Friendly Hotels

Who doesn’t love themselves a good holiday? The perfect getaway from life either before your serious work life starts again or before responsibilities come creeping back at you. The promise of a holiday, the packing, the planning, the tingling rush the day before you’re traveling…It’s all perfect. Until, of course, you have to think of…

Bangkok Bangkok
7 Best Rooftop Bars In Bangkok That You Must Get A Drink At

Bangkok, Thailand is one of those places that is simply an overload to your senses. In the best way possible and it's known for some of the best skybars in the world, so you need to check out the rooftop bars in Bangkok when you visit. Think urban edifices that juxtapose gorgeous little cities, skyscrapers that…

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