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France Paris
Paying Tolls In France While Driving In 2018/2019

Are you planning to visit France anytime soon? Then you have to know that road travels would be a big part of your tour. The country simply has a lot of expressways and motorways which they locally call as autoroutes. Going through the autoroutes would require that you pay certain a certain amount for passing…

Italy Lamborghini
Driving At Imola: Lamborghini Academy

Can you just imagine yourself driving a Lamborghini and people would just be simply staring at you? Don’t you know that millions of men and women across the globe would like to try driving a Lamborghini even just for a few minutes of their life at the best place at the Lamborghini Academy? The good…

Mexico Mazatlan
Safe Traveling To Mazatlan In 2018/2019?

Have you ever wondered whether Mazatlan is safe for traveling in 2018/2019? Have you heard about bad news concerning the place or have you been so attracted to its beauty? The media is filled with negative news concerning Mazatlan safety particularly because of isolated incidents of crimes. But we all know that traditional media is…

Safety Tips When Traveling To Colombia- 2018/2019 Edition

Have you ever wondered whether Bogota is safe for tourists this year of 2018? Well, you might have seen in the news that Charlie Sheen went to Colombia for a drug sobriety therapy. This decision by Sheen has been laughed about by his constant critics claiming that Columbia is a notorious place for mafias, drug…

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