Vienna Layover Guide

Have you ever appreciated the times that you have to spend during layovers? Then you have to consider a Vienna Layover as a wonderful time for exploring a beautiful place that is filled with fascinating sights and interesting activities.

Waiting for a connecting flight at the Vienna International Airport (VIE) could be made productive by going on layover tours around the city or spending some leisurely moments at the airport facilities. There are different destinations that you could visit without having to worry about their accessibility from the airport. You could actually find the airport a few kilometers from the city center.


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Layover In Vienna

If ever your layover is short and time won’t permit you to explore the city, you could simply stay at the airport without getting bored. There are different facilities and establishments in the premises. Just check out the interactive map offered by the airport in order to find out about the available options for your time inside the airport. You could choose from the variety of dishes offered by the numerous restaurants in the place. You could also grab some snacks and other necessities from the airport grocery store. If ever you need to just relax, you could also visit any of the ten lounges available for all passengers.

But if you got a lot of time for your connecting flight, don’t hesitate to go out of the airport. You could leave your luggage at Baggage Claim Area that is located at the Arrivals Hall. The luggage storage services are offered from 5:30 in the morning until 11:20 in the evening. You could also opt to leave jewelry or little items in their safety deposit boxes.

If you want to regain strength and energy for your flight the next day, you may opt to book a night of accommodation at the NH Vienna Airport Hotel. There are also other hotels around the city that could surely meet your own preferences and budget limitations.

In case you plan to travel outside the airport and discover the different wonders of Vienna, you could take different modes of transportation depending on your need and desire. You may ride the train which could bring you from the airport terminal to the city center. You may also ride the bus at the Vienna Airport Lines. These buses have different routes and destinations. Purchase the ticket according to your desired destination. You could also get private transfers and car rental services which you could arrange with the airport personnel.


Things To Do On Vienna Layover

Schonbrunn Palace (Schloss Schonbrunn)

If you want to get a sight of the fabulous and elegant status of royalty in Vienna, then you have to visit the Schonbrunn Palace. The entire palace is an architectural wonder. The interiors are even made more majestic by the abundance of priceless art pieces and sculptures. What’s most interesting is the presence of the Tiergarten Schonbrunn Zoo on the premises of the palace. This zoo is actually even recorded as the oldest zoo in the whole world.


A Tour Around Vienna

As vast as the area of Vienna and as diverse as its culture is, you could also do many things in the city. You may choose to get on a walking tour in order to familiarize yourself with the different establishments and locations in the area. You could also get on a night tour and see how lively the city could get at such time. Indeed, there are many things to discover during a layover tour in Vienna!


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Authentic Austrian food and international cuisines are best served at the Donauturm Observation Tower and Restaurant. Apart from the great food, you will also get a chance to view the entire city from more than 150 meters above the ground. What a fantastic way to enjoy Austrian gastronomic delights!


State Opera House (Staatsoper)

If you are an enthusiast of world-class opera performances, then you have to visit Vienna’s State Opera House. It would be so wonderful to spend a few hours in this place to freshen your soul and increase your appreciation for the creative world.



If you’d like to witness how Austrians conduct their daily lives and interact with each other, then you could just drop by the Naschmarkt. This is a highly interesting place for those who would like to see an ordinary day for the local people. You could watch how people go about their daily lives and keep impressions about the city of Vienna. You may also buy some crafts, antiques, fresh produce, and other stuff from this place. This outdoor market has been constructed in the 1500s.


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