Vienna 2 Day Itinerary: What To Do In Vienna For 48 Hours

Check out the following guide to give you some concepts of what to do for a quick 2 day trip in Vienna. However, be warned that Vienna 2 days is not enough time to see and do everything. The city has so many options, such as palaces, museums, and places to eat, that you could spend a long time seeing all the sites.

Therefore, the following guide will help you check out the main places of interest and the most popular activities when in Vienna for 48 hours. If you are interesting in staying longer, I have some more suggestions of what to see.


Some Things To Think About When Visiting Vienna

We have given you some great ideas for places to visit during your 2 day trip to Vienna. Now it is important take some practical considerations for visiting Vienna.


Best Time To Visit Vienna

Vienna is a great place to visit any time of the year due to many of the popular tourist attractions being indoors. So you do not need to worry about weather.

With that in mind, we recommend May and September as the best months to visit the city due to the following reasons: the weather is perfect, the sun stays up for a long time, and the crowds are not as big. While the weather is usually very good during these months, make sure to bring some rain gear just in case.


Getting Around Vienna

Getting around the center of the Vienna in 2 days is very easy, as you can easily walk it. In fact, most of the major attractions are located inside this “ring road” that goes around the city center and follows the old walls of the city.

If you are looking to go to other places that are outside of the city center, the public transportation system is great. If using it a lot, make sure to get a transport card as it will be the best and cheapest way to get around. These cards are available in the subway in ticket machines. You can buy tickets that last for 24, 48, or 72 hours and will allow you to take all forms of public transportation.

Another option is to take the hop-on hop-off bus which is including in the Vienna Pass. This bus goes to all of the popular tourist places in Vienna to see in 48 hours, including those farther out from the center.


Best Two Days in Vienna


The First Day In Vienna

The Catholic St. Stephens Cathedral

The first iconic place to visit in downtown Vienna is St. Stephens Cathedral. This is the center of Catholic life in the city. This church and its location is very interesting because it can date its history all the way back to the 12th century when the original church was built. However, the current form that stands today was finished in the 16th century.

For those visiting the church, it is free; however, it can get quite crowded at times. If you want to skip some of the crowds, consider visiting the treasury. But, you do have to pay a little bit to get into this area of the church. It is worth it though, as you get to go up to the second floor of the church and appreciate the interior view of the church away from the throngs of people below.

If you want to get even better views, check out the church’s south and north towers. They both cost a bit of money though. The South tower measures at 136 meters high and is only accessible by stairs. So be prepared for a bit of a hike, 343 stairs to be exact. The North tower is a bit smaller at only 68 meters tall. In addition, you don’t have to be quite a fit to get to the top as there is an elevator. Both of the towers are great to give you better views of the magnificent roof of the church. However, if you want better views of the city, the South tower, due to its height, provides the better experience.


Take A Cruise On The River

After checking out all of the museums, consider taking a relaxing river cruise to check out the city. The main river you will be taking is the Danube and its canal that runs by the historic parts of Vienna.


Travel In Time

Time Travel Vienna provides visitors with a fun way to learn about the city’s history. The partially guided experience takes visitors through a subterranean area that includes rides, animated models, and tour guides who all give you info.


The Giant Ferris Wheel

A great way to end the day is by getting a great view of the city as the sun sets and there is no better way then and Giant Ferris Wheel. Make sure to find out when the sun sets, as the time changes depending on the period of the year.



Vienna is a great place to visit the museum. There are many options depending on what you find interesting. Some suggestions include the home of Mozart, Albertina, and a globe museum.


More Museums In The Museum Quarter

After lunch, there are many more cultural things to experience in Vienna. The following are two very popular choices that happen to be right next to each other making them even easier to visit.

The two musuems are the Natural History Museum and the Kunsthistoriche Museum. They can both be found next to the Hofburg Palace in Vienna’s Museum Quarter.


Lunch Time

Today we will be going to Augustinerkeller for lunch. It is located underneath the Albertina museum. The restaurant has been owned by the Bitzingers ever since 1954. It is famous for its traditional food of Vienna as well as its in house beer. This is the perfect spot to get some good food and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of historical Vienna.



The Second Day In Vienna

Visit A Rooftop Bar

After having your fill of palaces and museums for the day, now is a great time to relax and visit one of Vienna’s famous rooftop bars.


Vienna Museum Of Military History

If you still have time, take the hop-off hop-on bus (part of the included in the Vienna Pass) to visit a few more stops on your way back to downtown. The first place that we recommend is the Vienna Museum of Military History.


Zwolf Apostkeller

A great way to finish off the day, as well as the end of your two day stay in Vienna is to eat at the famous underground restaurant Zwolf Apostkeller. This restaurant offer great traditional food and drink, it a great setting in a historic monastery cellar dating back to 1339, as well as live music.


Visit Schönbrunn Palace

A visit to Schönbrunn Palace is a must when coming to the city. While the trip will take up over half of the day as there is so much to do here, it is well worth the while. In fact, if you decide to spend the whole day here and not go to any of the other places that we suggest for the 2nd day, we fully understand. With more than 1,400 rooms, 100s of acres of beautiful gardens, as well as additional attractions, there is really plenty of things to do.

The palace was originally the epicenter of the court life in the city during the 18th century. Today, it is a UNESCO world heritage site and provides visitors with some of the best examples of architecture in the Baroque style. Many famous events happened here including Mozart’s first key concert at the young age of only 6.


The Belvedere Palace

After the Museum of Military History, we recommend getting back on the bus and visiting the UNESCO site, the Belvedere Palace. This place has two palaces (lower and upper) as well as a museum.


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