One Day Salzburg Itinerary – 2018/2019 Edition

Are you a fan of classical music such as pieces from Mozart? Then you have to visit Salzburg in Austria. This city is known for having a classic gorgeousness inherent in its culture, architecture, and geography. You could find this charming place in the northern border of Austria and Germany. Because of its geographical location, its culture is also influenced by different traditions including German, Austrian, and Hungarian; you can see lots of Salzburg in one day. You will definitely fall in love with the baroque architecture of its buildings, the stunning Salzach river, and even the grand museums and cathedrals scattered along Salzburg.

A short trip for an one day Salzburg itinerary is definitely possible if you want to enjoy other towns in Austria during your entire trip. The city is relatively small that’s why going on destination hopping is feasible if you only have a single day. You could walk through the old town of Salzburg, take a look at the majestic Hohensalzburg Castle, experience Mozart’s past in his birthplace, or gaze at the flowing water of the Salzach River. You could also spend a few hours examining the various architectural wonders of the city or eating some of the most delicious local cuisines in the city’s famous restaurants. One thing is for certain, you could definitely explore the entire Salzburg in a single day! Follow this one-day Salzburg itinerary to enjoy the most of your visit.


One Day Salzburg Itinerary

Morning In Salzburg

You have to make sure that you start your day at Mozart’s birthplace in Altstadt. You could actually book a room in one of the beautiful apartments in the place so that you get to experience the wonderful music of Mozart early in the morning. Walk through the streets and find the museum dedicated to honoring the life of Mozart. Then cross a river to get a view of Mozart’s adult life by getting into his old house which is now turned into a museum that is called Mozart’s Wohnhaus in Makartplatz.

After having indulged yourself to classical music, head on to Hohensalzburg to get a taste of royal life. You will surely marvel at the architectural magnificence of the castle since it has been preserved for centuries. This castle once serves as a Central European fortress and seems to be truly impenetrable to foreign conquerors. To reach the top of the Hohensalzburg Castle, you could either take the funicular railway or simply walk through it. Be sure that you take memories with you by capturing them in stunning photographs.

After visiting the castle, drop by the Salzburg Cathedral which is located in the heart of the Salzburg Old Town. What’s interesting with this establishment was that it has already existed for over a millennium. The structure that you will see today was formed from a series of rehabilitation processes that were done from the 12th Century to the 17th Century. Let your eyes be stricken with awe as you gaze at the exquisite baroque architecture of the Roman Catholic worship center.


Afternoon In Salzburg

The afternoon shall be spent to savor some delectable lunch meals at the local restaurants. After taking a break, it is now time to feed your creativity. Be sure that you visit the Salzburg Museum to witness some of the most excellent artworks by Austrians. You will certainly learn a lot about the history and culture of the country by just visiting the museum. From the museum, pass through a subterranean way to reach the Panorama Museum. This is a highly interesting place because it provides a beautiful exhibition of Austrian archaeological artifacts and is a must for a Salzburg one day itinerary.

After going on cultural tours, it is now time to appreciate the natural wonders of Salzburg. You must cross the Salzach River in order to reach the Mirabell Palace and Gardens that is located in New Town. The garden has been the setting for the popular musical, The Sound of Music. It has existed since the 17th Century and features a geometric garden layout and a baroque architectural style. You will also surely admire the artistry involved in sculpting the statues and the ingenuity used in creating the fountains in the site.

You have to know that the Mirabell Palace can be busy at times because it now serves as the location of local government offices. Weddings are also usually held in this venue because it is teeming with romantic features that can perfectly create a heavenly backdrop for couples. Because Salzburg is an inherently musical place, expect that you will be getting a lot of opportunities to listen to beautiful music in the city. The Palace usually holds concerts and musical shows for the visitors to enjoy and should be part of your one day Salzburg itinerary.

The late afternoon must be spent to relax your tired soul. You have to cross the river once again to reach the MüllnerBräu beer garden. If you enjoy drinking beer, then the Biergarten can be considered as a haven for you and your travel buddies. It is not like any other bar because you can actually enjoy delicious beers while savoring the beauty of the environment under the chestnut trees. You could purchase drinks by getting a token that can be exchanged for a stein of beer.

This itinerary is for those with a limited time to travel the entire Salzburg one day itinerary. You surely could opt to stay longer in the city, but a single day is definitely enough to experience its best adventures and see its most gorgeous attractions. To maximize your time, make sure that you have planned your trip efficiently.

The Salzburg adventure should be in every traveler’s ultimate bucket list. Its classical baroque architecture and its exquisite culture are worth every second and every penny.



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