Austrian Roadtrip: Vienna, Salzburg And Hallstatt Guide

Europe has some of the best cities in the world. Among these cities are Hallstatt, Salzburg and Vienna. These cities are considered to be some of the greatest highlights of Europe. The good thing about these places is that they very close to the heart of Austria and are closely located to each other.

Austria is a country that has a deep culture and history. You won’t be surprised to come across neoclassical architecture and gothic churches all over these places. You will also enjoy a wide variety of Austrian cuisines although the traditional food is readily available. You should have a sense of discipline before you visit these places. This because the locals here are specialized in making wines and beers and you may find yourself exceeding your limits.

You will enjoy spending time in Austria. This is because it is country with limited size that is filled with amazing natural views. These three towns are also reachable by train hence you will have plenty of time to visit all of them.


Vienna, Salzburg And Hallstatt – Austrian Roadtrip Guide


The airport in Vienna is a very busy one. It will be your entry point into Austria. You can then take a taxi to your hotel room. The taxis here are priced okay and not to expensive. However, the easiest way to get to the city center from the airport would be to use the train. You don’t have to schedule anything in advance for the train since there are several options.

Do you have a thing for gardens that look amazing? Well, Vienna is filled with them. What also makes Vienna to be the perfect place to be in is its historic architecture. What’s my favorite spot in Vienna? Park Hyatt’s  new hotel it is. This hotel is in the center of Vienna, Park Hyatt’s hotel is just steps away from the best restaurants, shopping malls and famous gardens. The hotel, made from the old bank vault there, is extravagantly and elegantly designed.


Car Rental

Once you are in Vienna, you might want to go to Hallstatt. You will therefore need to rent a car. When it comes to renting a car, I would recommend that you rent from the day of and not the day that you get there.This will help you to save on cost of renting the car for extra periods of time.

In terms of the type of car to rent, you will be spoilt for choice. You can either choose to splurge on top brands like Audi, Mercedes or go for the cheaper standard vehicles. If you are looking for the cheapest car rental services, then you can check out Enterprise. Here, you might even rent a beamer at a much lower rate than you would expect.

The good thing with booking a car at Enterprise is that it’s possible to get your car choice by booking from the Internet through the company’s website. However, locating their office is kind of hard to find. They are located on a shopping center that is located in Vienna. When renting a car, you should ensure that you have insurance. However, if you have the Chase Sapphire card, then you don’t have to worry about insurance. This is because the card comes with an automatic car insurance. What makes the card to be the best option for this kind of trip is that it provides you with 0 foreign transaction fees.

Driving to Hallstat will be one of the most memorable pats of this trip. You will enjoy cruising along the highways of Austria. The best part? These highways are speed limit less!



What makes Hallstatt to be considered as one of Europe’s most charming towns is its perfect location. Hallstatt is a town that overlooks a crater lake and in the mountains of Austria. In terms of distance, Hallstatt is a little less than a three hour drive from Vienna. This beautiful town has a rich history since it sits on a 2,000 years salt mine. All you need is two nights in Hallstatt to look at the iconic board on the lake, the adorable Austrian chalets and the panoramic view of hiking up the mountains.



Most visitors always prefer Salzburg over Vienna. Salzburg is just one hour drive away from Hallstatt. Want to know why most people may prefer to visit Salzburg over Vienna? Have you ever heard of Untersburg Mountain? What about Mozart? Well, Salzburg is Mozart’s childhood home. Untersburg Mountain is also located here. While at Salzburg, you can stay at the cozy B&B that is located on  farmland outside the city.

You can spend some nights here. Once you have had a nice time in Salzburg, then travel back to Vienna and enjoy your time there.

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