2 Day Vienna Itinerary: 48 Hours In Vienna

Have you always felt a fascination for the intellect of Sigmund Freud and the ingenuity of Mozart? Then you have to make sure that Vienna is included on your travel bucket list. Know that Vienna, which is the capital of Austria, is actually one of the most historic places in the entire glove. You will surely appreciate how the place was able to contribute to the development of the most precious cultural and intellectual contributions to humanity. For those that traveling to for 2 days to Vienna, we have a great 48 hours Vienna itinerary for you.

Some tourists actually feel hesitation in going to this place particularly because of the required budget to go through an entire vacation to this heavenly destination. Despite the significant sum that you have to spend just to completely feel the ultimate Vienna travel experience, there are still budget-friendly tricks to make your Austrian getaway a lot more meaningful.

Let us help you plan the most exciting two days in Vienna, Austria. Follow this hourly guide for the most memorable travel of your lifetime.


2 Day Vienna Itinerary: 48 Hours In Vienna

First Day In Vienna

8:00 AM – Schönbrunn Palace 

If you are among the tourists who are interested in knowing about the history of Austria, then you have to visit the Schönbrunn Palace. As the name suggests, you have to expect a castle that was beautifully constructed with elegance, class, and wealth. It once served as an imperial residence to the key personalities of the Austrian Empire. It is rich with cultural manifestations and architectural wonder. You will definitely love how it embodies a baroque style of architecture that is evident in the way the gardens were landscaped, the sculptures were installed, and how the more than 1,400 rooms were designed. This is a must see as part of your Vienna itinerary for 2 days.

The Schönbrunn Palace is actually surrounded by lush greeneries. Because of this, it becomes a more-than-perfect place where you could conduct a memorable picnic activity with your loved ones. You could drop by the Naschmarkt where you could get some of the most delectable finds for your snacks.


1:00 PM – Palmenhaus 

Your Vienna experience shall be filled with gastronomic memories. You have to include Palmenhaus in your itinerary because it is among the most famous restaurants in the area. Do you have any idea what makes this place extra popular among locals and tourists?

 Well, Palmenhaus is actually a beautiful structure that is located within the perimeter of the Imperial Garden. It is perfect for those who would like to feel like they were eating in a tropical country that is surrounded by refreshing stuff with the presence of sunlight in all corners of the establishment.  

The place is more than Instagram-worthy because of its beauty and is a must of your two days in Vienna itinerary. Even the dishes are satisfying to the soul of every customer. From the restaurant, make sure that you stroll along the outdoors and take photos of the Neue Burg which is also called Vienna’s Heroes’ Square. Apart from the Palmenhaus, you could also try Wiener Wiaz Haus or the Bristol Lounge.


3:00 PM – Hundertwasserhaus  

Are you fond of seeing interesting architectural creations? Then you have to include the Hundertwasserhaus in your Viennese itinerary. This is a local residence which looks like an architectural model that is brimming with artistic elements. It was built in the late 20th Century with the creative partnership of Austrian minds whose names are Friedensreich Hundertwasser who is a renowned artist and Joseph Krawina who is a reputable architect. From here, you could consider walking through the streets until you reach the Danube River.


4:00 PM – Aida 

Aida is considered as a haven for coffee lovers and pastry addicts. Going to this place is like reaching the heavens. You will love to rest your tired feet by sitting in the fancy coffee shops and ordering the sweetest delights and most refreshing drinks. What makes this place extra interesting is the baroque architecture that fills the area. Despite the classic style of buildings, there still remains an evident influence of bohemian culture among locals. You should also try other coffee shops such as Café Sperl, Café Central, and Café Diglas. Make sure to check this place at during your 2 day Vienna itinerary.


7:30 PM – Skopic

Are you now craving for authentic Austrian food? You must visit Skopic & Lohn. Your visit to Vienna will never feel legitimate unless you have tried local cuisines such as the maishuhn and the veal wiener schnitzel. The ombrina fish in this restaurant is also among the favorite dishes of both locals and tourists.


9:00 PM – Wiener Einstraum

Wiener Einstraum is the local city hall. Apart from being a government center, you can also find this place to be perfect for leisurely activities. Make your night exciting by trying on a physical activity. Go on an ice skating adventure. Do not miss out on enjoying the local food that is offered in different stalls in the area. Try some authentic Viennese pretzels part of your 48 hours in Vienna.


10:00 PM – 25 Hours Hotel 

Tourists who are fond of experiencing the nightlife of different countries do not forget to include the best bars in their trip. If you are among these kinds of travelers, then you have to visit the Attic Bar which can be found on the highest floor of 25 Hours Hotel. It seems like an ordinary hotel, except that it provides stunning overlooking views of the entire city of Vienna. Even the atmosphere of the bar gives you an energy boost to drink more cocktails and have more fun.



Second Day In Vienna

8:00 AM – Figar

The best way to start the second day of your 48 hours Vienna itinerary is with Figar, a posh café that is enjoyed by a lot of locals. It can be your perfect destination to get that hangover out of your mind and body. Learn to appreciate the hip art culture that is reflected in the place.

What is more wonderful with Figar is their price offerings. Your 10 Euros could actually go a long way since it can already cover for your entire breakfast meal. Order an authentic Viennese sausage and pair it with wonderfully cooked omelets and a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Remember to visit this place early because crowds could be rushing in the morning.


10:00 AM – Belvedere Museum 

Art appreciation should always be present in your heart and mind during travels. Never visit a place without considering a stop to their museums. It is, therefore, necessary that you head on to the Belvedere Museum on your second day in Vienna. This is also called locally as the Österreichische Galerie Belvedere.

It is in this museum where you can find precious artworks in the history of mankind such as those of Gustav Klimt. The Belvedere Palace is also notable for being included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Apart from art appreciation, you may also consider going into an architectural appreciation during your visit to the museum. A lot of people have been stunned by the structure and design of the two buildings which are separated by an admirable garden in the middle.


12:00 PM – Demel

The museum tour could probably make you hungry. It is after the museum tour that you should visit the Demel Café which offers authentic Viennese pastries. Make sure that you include am apple strudel in your order. Do not also forget to have a hot chocolate drink along with wienerschnitzel and cakes.   Know that Vienna is home to some of the most talented pastry chefs in the world. Take advantage of this fact by ordering as many varieties of pastry goods as possible.


3:00 PM – St. Stephen’s Cathedral

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is widely visited by devout Catholic tourists. It serves an important role in Austrian Catholicism because it is the seat of the mother church of the Archdiocese of Vienna. You could take a tour of the cathedral and take note of the historical significance of the place. Marvel at its architectural wonder and also appreciate the intensity of faith that is evident in the worship of its visitors.


6:30 PM – Vienna State Opera 

Do you know that the first opera performances have started in Vienna? To be part of this historical wonder, you need to include an operatic performance in your itinerary. The building of the Vienna State Opera was constructed in the late 19th Century by Josef Hlavka who is a Czech national. What makes this structure unique among other buildings in the area is its Neo-Renaissance architectural design.

In order to make sure that you will enjoy the show, get your tickets in advance. You can make reservations early on because the building is actually strangely designed, and this only makes it difficult for the audience to witness the entire performance. Performances are usually in the Austrian language, but seats include electronic translators which allow all crowds to understand the show.


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