What To Wear And Pack For Australia – 2018/2019 Edition

When packing for a trip, you always ask yourself, what should you take? Especially when travelling to Australia, this question can be difficult for someone who has never been there before and doesn’t know about the weather.

For example, the Australian Outback is a dry and hot dessert, the south west part of the country has a Mediterranean climate, and the north has a tropical humid climate.

All of these areas are only a couple of hours flying distance from each other. With all the different weather conditions that the country can throw at you, you need to be ready. In addition, the weather can quickly change during the day, especially at night.


What To Pack And Wear When In Australia

Choosing The Proper Attire For Australia

When traveling in nature, make sure to wear light comfortable clothing that gives you the greatest amount of freedom as well as is very comfortable to wear no matter the weather conditions.


Things To Pack For Australia

It can be difficult to know what kind of clothes to bring for your Australian trip. It doesn’t matter what time you visit, the weather can change very quickly, even in summer. Therefore, the top advice is to bring clothes that can work in many different kind of weather conditions.


Layer Your Clothing

Make sure to use your clothing in many different circumstances. They should be able to serve as outer, mid, or lower layer clothing. For example, these are the things I usually pack: 1 rain/wind jacket, 1 pair of short pants, 2 pairs of long pants, 2 fleece sweaters, 2 shirts, 3 to 4 t-shirts, 3-4 singlets.


Functional Clothes

Technical clothing is great because they are extremely lightweight. It helps you keep dry, maintains your core body temp, and helps keep you warm. They are also waterproof, moisture wicking, and breathable. In addition, this type of clothing is durable and easy to care for and will last for years. In fact, it’s the only type of clothing I wear when traveling.


Versatile Travel Clothing

Make sure to choose the right travel clothes. This will help you be comfortable no matter the situation. From going out to eat to walking around the Australian bush, from taking in the sun at the beaches to camping out in the Australian Outback, it is important to bring the correct travel clothing. Therefore, make sure to choose clothing that is adaptable and worn in many situations.


Pack With Purpose

When packing, write down the things you plan on doing as well as how long you plan on doing them. Below are the activities based on percentage:

  • Outdoor Activities: 60
  • Amusement Activities: 20
  • Seeing the Sites: 20


By doing this, you will be able to prioritize you packing when going to Australia. Using this method, you will also be able to best combine the technical clothing for the various situations that you will encounter. In addition, it is important to balance the correct clothing and how much you bring. It may take time, figuring out what works for you, but traveling is a great way to figure it out.


In The Summer

The summer in Australia starts in the beginning to middle of the month of December. It goes all the way to February. Depending on where you are in the country, the weather can be quite a bit different. In the south of the country the weather is very dry and hot. Therefore, make sure to wear t-shirts and shorts as well as light colored clothes. If you get easily get sunburned, where some long sleeve clothing as it will help protect yourself from the UV light. When visiting the beach, make sure to wear hats with wide brims and to make sure your arms and shoulders are covered.

When in the north of Australia, the weather in the summer is tropical. This means that there will be a lot of rain meaning that it’s sticky and hot. If you are traveling here, make sure to wear clothes that are adapted to this environment.

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