Best Solo Australia Driving Tips For First Timers

Single? No problem! You can take all that opportunity to explore and travel the world without any hustles in preparation for all your vacation plans. And solo travelers must really visit Australia’s rich and untamed outback.

Well, never wonder why there are quite a lot of single people even at the age of 30’s because of the advantages of flying and traveling solo. Even those with are married, with families, and those who are in relationships still prefers to travel solo than spend it with a group of friends and other people. There are quite a lot of perks to travel alone. Although the more friends, and family members you travel with is merrier, but it is more convenient to travel solo. Let us count the ways…

Contrary to what most fear about solo traveling that it is not dangerous and scary at all. There are a lot of perks of traveling alone. Taking an adventure alone does not mean lonely at all!

To start with, taking vacation alone means less stressful and complicated to plan. You do not have to adjust or consult other people’s preferences and opinion on planning. Road tripping alone can get you faster and reach more places than hanging out with a companion.

There are tour packages and special promotional discounts for solo travelers. Or if you want to be more adventure and is willing t drop a little less the luxury travel tour, you can go on backpacking adventure in Australia.


Best Way To Travel Solo In Australian

Rent A Private Car

If you have an international driver’s license, or the country where you from allows you to drive around Australia, you can check rent a car companies around Sydney or any part of Australia. Otherwise, cars and vans can be rented out with drivers who will be willing to take you to different places you wish to but it is a little bit pricey because you need to pay for the additional service fee of the driver. There are times that food and hotel accommodations (for overnight drive) must be shouldered by you. So make sure before you leave, all are sorted out and agreed upon so you will not have to be surprised with overhead undeclared expenses.

Inquire rentals at Firefly Car Rental Australia, Budget Car and Truck Rental, Hertz Car Rental Alice Spring, and other major vehicle rental services around Australia.


Ride Buses And Trams

Bus system in Australia has almost the same route in train terminals. Although bus rides are cheaper; unfortunately this is the slowest mode of transportation.

Some trams and coaches have special routes and tour packages that may directly take you to the spot where the tourist destination is located. This is convenient because you do not need to travel or walk that far. But you should be traveling with all other tourist inside the coach service for your next destinations.


Hop On A Train

Well, the most convenient and fastest way to go around the large territory of the outback is through train. Train stations are positioned strategically all over Australia that you can connect to with to transfer from one place to another.

Tickets sales can be purchased for economy (cheapest deals) and exclusive (premium/platinum class) prices. Check out trail terminal points and schedules at


Solo Driving In Australia

Things To Remember When Planning To Rent A Car:

Plan Your Trip

It is always wise to plan your destination. Manage it by area. Let us say you are currently located in Sydney you need to start and explore neighboring areas around it. This will save you time money, and effort. It is often wise to hop in first to visit museums, opera houses, and urban places. Select the city where you want to explore first. If you want to explore more than one region, you should plan well. Start with the nearest city you are located.

Example: In Sydney, you should never miss a photo of the Sydney Opera House. Then visit the Harbor Bridge, which is few blocks away, followed by the Royal Botanic Garden, Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair, Luna Park, Taronga Zoo, and The Rocks. After visiting the city area, you can spend more time on far flung places like of Sydney like Bondi Beach. This is an efficient way to plan your tour. Then you can hop onto the next city nearby like Melbourne, or go up north east like Brisbane, Gladstone, and so on…

Making sure your route will be able to pass all the places you need to visit not to traverse back. This will save you time and fuel. You can also avoid congested road by passing once in a heavy flowing road. The fact that Australia is a large country (and a continent at the same time), traversing to the same place back may take you 50 to hundreds of kilometers.

It is also best to make sure you a lot time for each area, plan when to stop to eat and shop. You can always save the last place for where you wanted to stay longer or needs you to do more exciting activities like swimming the beach, riding off – road vehicles, sun bathing, or parasailing.


Prepare Car Rental Requirements

You can check out online for car rental companies around Australia, or you can walk in their offices. Most car rental companies are situated in the metro.

You can rent car or couch for a day tour, or overnight rental (24 hours service), or for as long as one month! All you need is present your original travel visa, passport, valid driver’s license ID, and payment for the car rental services. Provide photo copy of those entire documents and submit those together with your payment. It takes a while for the company to verify your background and authenticity of your submitted requirements. Plus you need to obtain the certified travel insurance too. But it will not take the whole day.

You can even hire additional service by hiring a driver form the company. Be sure to just check agreement with the driver provided by the car rental company.


Drive Your Own Car

Well, if you live (permanently or for temporary stay) in Australia and you are already able to acquire your own vehicle; you can use it to explore the whole country.

It also make sense if you are in a sponsorship visa, you make likely have friends or family members who owns a car in Australia. Provided that you have your own permitted driver’s license for Australian road, you may do so. I guess you all have to pay is for fuel and a souvenir or food treats for borrowing their car. You are all ready to explore the outback of Australia! Make sure you are carrying copy of the car insurance your driver’s license, visa and passport.


Additional Tips When Diving Solo Around Australia:

  • Google maps and other digital maps apps and services are helpful. They may be not accurate but can help you find out where you are. Unless you are able to find your way using traditional compass and sunlight direction locations, you may. But it is best to exploit what technology might offer.
  • Be friendly. Locals are used to tourist around the country so they are quite helpful when you need directions. Just wear you’re your hidden up – beat and fun personality.
  • Even though Australia has a fair and cold breezy temperature, you need to bring water for your hydration. Easy packed lunch and snacks should come in handy. The area of Australia is quite big, you might be caught in the middle of nowhere during unlikely lunch hours before reaching the nearest civilization (just kidding, may next nearby gas station or nearby diner). So be prepared of the worst case scenario.
  • Start driving in the morning to avoid heavy traffic flow and you can cover more places.
  • Make sure that you are familiar and comfortable with what kind of car you are driving.
  • If possible, refrain from driving overnight on remote areas in Australia. Although Australia has less crime than you ever think but OZ has quite a lot of animals that you might encounter. For emergency purposes, you cannot even call for help on off – site or places that have no cellular signal.
  • If you are tired rest. Australia is too huge for you to cover in one day. Take a break. If you feel tired, dizzy or sleepy. There are quite a lot of traveler’s diners and pit stop stations for long drivers. You can also schedule your bathroom breaks during these times.


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