12 Best Australia Bus Routes For First Timers

Australia is known for its impressive preservation of wildlife in spite of the growing economic status, and progressive architectural development. Well, we can always associate Australia because of its adorable kangaroos, huggable koalas, and magnificent wildlife.

All the greatest things are found in Australia: lovely beach resorts, astounding natural wildlife preservation, wonderful people, and do not forget the most dangerous animals (to name few the most poisonous colorful miniature octopus, fierce sharks, huge ferocious crocs, the world’s venomous snakes and jellyfishes, and more!). Sounds like an adventure of a lifetime to visit the outback?

There are many ways to explore Australia. You can rent cars to drive yourself around the vast area of the outback. Or for your convenience, you can use the train. With the huge territory you need to cover exploring, train is the most efficient. But of course, train is a bit scheduled and a bit far away from the tourist destination area. Well, the train system has strategically built that way in order to occupy far flung places and cove the vast area of Australia.

Train and bus transport are both efficient transportation in the country. Either way, you can both enjoy the best places to visit around the outback state. Australia has a good organization for its transport especially its primary purpose in bus and train stops are also due to environment factors. The transport terminals are strategically placed for lesser pool of carbon emissions. To point out with, bus and private vehicles undergo strict carbon emission evaluation before being allowed to roll out on the road.

Taking the bus in Australia is highly recommended if you are able to plan and organize your tour and travel itineraries. This is of course, the fact that Australia is a massive country, you need to cover a lot of possible lovely places and things to do on your travel adventure. But of course, taking the bus is somewhat the cheapest way to travel around.

Bus transport schedule is daily, and often concurrently from one bus after another, taking different route. Bus can take you to far and even remote places in Australia. You just have to organize your course to cover more places to visit, save time, and save effort. But of course if you are only staying for a week, you might have to go back to the outback country to explore more about Australia. One week is not enough because of the huge territory covering the whole country.

Bus Companies and other shuttle tour services you might want to check out in your Australian outback adventure:


12 Best Australia Bus Routes For First Timers

McCarfferty’s Express Coaches

The coach rental and transport company has about over travel 600 routes to different Australia’s famous destination areas every day! Solo, first time, luxury tour, and family / group travellers can conveniently book at McCarfferty’s Express Company.


Greyhound Australia

This is a travel company which takes tourists from all parts of Australia. For updated schedule of travel packages and other details visit the company’s website https://www.greyhound.com.au/


Sunair Bus Service

All the way from Brisbane to the Queensland, the Sunair Bus Service Company is able to cater to tourists in that area. Or you can check out for more bus companies and other coach companies at http://www.buslines.com.au/ Famous places you should not miss on your first visit to Australian Outback.


Brisbane Busline

This is a bus company from Brisbane, Queensland which is popular for its cheaper bus transportation fee. Usually, the route of the company’s bus is around South Burnett Area. For inquiries on bus route check out http://brisbanebuslines.com.au



The Kefford Bus Line Company, transports tour passenger from all over Melbourne area.


Yarra Trams

The Yarra Trams is a classic way to enjoy a nice tour around the urban life area in the city of Melbourne.


Firefly Express

The company rents and schedule luxury coaches for exclusive tourist destination travel packages.


SITA Coaches

The SITA Coaches transport and schedule travel tour around Melbourne and Sydney area.


US Bulines

Buses of US Busline stops around Victoria area. Most likely know for cheaper rates and convenient bus point route.


Eastline Buses

Provider of shuttle bus services from airport to different parts Melbourne, Victoria.


Bus services from Sunbus covers all areas around Northern Queensland.


The bus company, Skybus transports travelers from airport and around Melbourne city area.


Starting From Sydney International Airport Terminal

Take a bus from the airport, which is all lined up at Terminal 1 (T1). Bus interval schedule is every hour or two hours located at N20 at Park near Pitt Street to Town Hall Station Street, Stand K. From there, you can walk and explore other stop-over worthy destination. You may just walk around or take photos. From the airport there are seven bus stops: Qantas Drive Opp Qantas Jet Base, Mascot Station Coward Street, Botany Road near Gardeners Road, Green Square Stations Botany, Redfern Station Gibbons Street, Central Station Railway, and Town Hall Station Park Street.

Then proceed to City Circular Quay terminal. At this point you have to purchase valid Opal Card to get on board because single bus tickets are not sold on the bus anymore. Bus interval is about an hour and a half.

Stop over and explore the Museum of Sydney at Philip Street (which needs you to wait for 3 stops from the Town Hall Station, then Martin Place Station at Elizabeth Street, and finally at Museum of Sydney). Then walk few meters away to finally reach the Sydney Opera House.

Or another option is from Sydney International Airport going to starting from City Circular Quay to Young Street, (or you can decide to walk) passing four stops at Sheraton On the Park Elizabeth Street, Martin Place Station at Elizabeth Street, Museum of Sydney at Philip Street, wait till bus stops at Young Street. Then, you can see from afar the Sydney Opera House. Just stroll around until you find your way to the world famous opera house.


Things To Do In Sydney:

  • If you are lucky enough to catch available tickets for concert you can attend concert, public conferences and other events.
  • Book ahead of time for events you want to attend.
  • Take Instagramable photos with the famous Sydney Opera House as your background
  • Dine in to luxurious restaurants and café around the area.


Continue Course From Sydney Opera House

Go back to City Circular Quay terminal at Stand B, walk at Cahill Walk and turn right at Alfred Street. From there, ride a bus going to North Bondi. Bus schedule interval is every 30 minutes. Then from North Bondi travel going to Campbell Pde near Hall Street. Bus from City Circular Quay will have to pass to 32 bus stops area. Once you reach the final point at Campbell Pde at Hall Street, you can walk your way to the Bondi Beach.

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