10 Adventurous Places To Visit In East Coast Australia

East Coast Australia is one place you should do all you can to visit at least once in your lifetime. It will be so much fun, and you will not even believe when the trip is over. You will be lucky if your trip is going to take a long time because that means that you will have to enjoy much more. You will have more time for adventures like beach hopping, kangaroo chasing and koala spotting from Cape tribulation to Sydney. Below is a list of the top 10 places to visit in East Coast Australia for those that like adventures.


Adventurous Places To Visit In East Coast Australia

It is challenging to name the best places in East Coast Australia for almost all the places here are amazing. However, for the sake of our readers, we will try and narrow down to the ten most amazing places you have to visit when you get here. The highlights are enough reason why you should plan a trip to East Coast of Australia as soon as possible.

Warning: If you have never thought of visiting Australia, you may immediately have an urge to visit as you continue to read the article below of some of the best things to do in East Coast Australia.


Rainbow Beach

The word Rainbow Beach comes from the rainbow-colored dunes. It is among the best beaches on the East Coast. This place is not obvious, and it is not a place to stay for a long time. It, however, has some interesting sights such as whizzing down sand-dunes, dolphins, spotting turtles, sea kayaking, and beautiful sunsets. The most colorful and favorite for many is the Rainbow Beach Horse Riding. It is a little expensive, but it is worth the price. Enjoy the scenery of the beach riding on the beautiful horses. It is a secret harbor which will make your trip quite enthralling.



Most people who have visited Australia have preferred to stay in Sydney, and this is why it is at the top of the list. This remarkable city is on water, and you will get almost everything in it. It is an ideal place to start your tour in Australia. Some of the interesting and iconic things you will see are the Manly, Bondi Beach, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera house. There are so many nuggets to explore in this extensive city.


Mission Beach

Skydiving is a dream for many, and the best place to fulfill the dream is at the Mission Beach. Throw yourself from the plane which is 14,000ft from the land. You will have a good of blue hues array in the ocean and the Dunk Island. Ensure to visit the calm Mission beach and viewing sights from the sky will be an amazing experience.


Surf Camp

The Aussies here are well designed to be used in water and thus you can use them to surf. If you do not have one for yourself, then you can visit the surf camp. One of this camp is the boot camp. Be sure that surfing is very enjoyable. Surf during the day and spend the evenings in the camp socializing. One of the best company with several surf spots in the world is the Mojo Surf. Ensure to settle on the flawless Aussie experience right from the beginning, and you will surf all through like a professional.


The Yongala Wreck

Yongala wreck is one of the best scuba dive worldwide. It has such high rating which means that most people have had an amazing experience. Cuba diving here is quite complex because of the deep wreck and the strong waves. Experienced scuba divers will love it, but it might be quite difficult for divers with no experience. Its depth is around 14m from the wrecks top, and the swimmers might not see it. You will also see the sunken ship which sits in the oceans bottom from 1911. The ship is now covered with a collection of sea life which is quite spectacular and a vibrant and beautiful coral.

Fraser Island

This island is the largest sand island in the world and the largest in Queensland. It is the best place to view natural creeks, manta rays, whale watching, wild dingo and other panoramic views. The Island act as the White sand ribbons, water rapids, and Lake McKenzie wonderland. You either take a tour for three days or a one day trip depending on the amount of time you have. There are several 4×4 Land Rovers which will carry you as you explore the Island in the thick sand. You can also visit the Maheno shipwreck which is quite famous. There are bedrooms in the beachside which you can use during the winter, and you can camp on the beach during summer. The place has no light pollution, and thus you will be able to see the outstanding star which is such a great sight.


Port Stephens

The port is a serene beach gateway with an enormous blue bay and twenty-six beaches which are golden. The attractive Salamander Bay, Nelson Bay, and all the areas in the surrounding hosts the incredible playful and cute dolphins. You can take go to the main bays using a boat in the tranquil water in the mornings. This is a good time to keep in the beats and view the inquisitive animals in East Coast Australia. You will need to work much harder, but you can be sure that it is fun and the views are worth it.

The Whitsundays

This stunning island is made of 74 islands. This is where the Whitehaven beach is located, and the pristine white sand starches up to 7km. this view is quite stunning. You can only use a boat to get access to the island to avoid pollution and safeguard its beauty. To have a good sight prepare for a trip for at least three days. During this time you will have time to enjoy the Whitsundays when sailing through the waters which are quite spectacular. It will be an ideal time to watch the sunset through the scattered water of the island. You can also dive through the Great Barrier Reef and giant trevally fish which is not so well known. It will be fun to sleep under the stars as you enjoy the hot tub on the deck.


This is where you find the world’s natural wonders like The Great Barrier Reef. You can view this spectacular wonder in various ways. You can view it when in a huge yacht across the sea, when deep diving underwater or when in a helicopter from the sky. You will be surprised at how packed your schedule is for Cairns has several insights. Atherton Tableland’s Region forests and waterfalls Uncle Brian’s tour is perfect for backpackers. There are more than a few activities to do here like jumping from the waterfalls, swimming in rivers and admiring the mountain landscape and incredible rainforest. For those that like outdoor activities, this is a great place to go in East Coast Australia. It is also easy to access Cape Tribulation and Port Douglas from Cairns. Visit the Daintree Rainforest which is a spectacular rainforest and its history is amazing.


Magnetic Island

The Island is off Townsville coast with such a quiet environment. Have a walk through the forest as you view the koalas stuck on trees, dive through Great Barrier Reef and ride the Barbie cars which are real life. You can move through the tiny islands from south to north in ten minutes when driving. The island is quite soothing, and you will have fun as you explore it further. You might be lucky enough to see the hidden boulder bays and cute fluffiness of this great island on the East Coast of Australia.

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