Marina Bay Countdown 2018/2019- The Ultimate Guide

As the clock ticks down to midnight, you are enclosed with the notions of rejuvenation and renewal, and the promise of a new start. Bid farewell to the previous year amidst thousands of people at Singapore’s annual iconic New Year’s Eve celebration also known as Marina Bay Countdown 2018, and prepare yourself for a night packed with a wide array of entertainment and extravagant festivities.


Marina Bay Countdown 2018

The Marina Bay Countdown 2018 experience in Singapore offers unparalleled entertainment, and you’ll find yourself surrounded with a festive atmosphere, polychromatic fireworks, the echoes of thousands of people giddy and excited for the new year and a myriad of live performances to gear you up for impending year.

The Float at Marina Bay during New Years Eve in Singapore is remarkably transformed into an entertainment hub with unique shopping experiences with over 40 artisanal vendors, a promising gastronomic experience and unparalleled shopping!

The spellbinding firework show is one of the top experiences to be had, and for 8 glorious minutes the entire downtown skyline will be lit up with rainbow-colored fireworks acting as the backdrop to the soaring buildings, and offering glorious reflections on the lake for the wonderful 2018 countdown Singapore.

There really is something for everything during the countdown 2018 Singapore, the enamoring 20,000 wishing spheres float seamlessly unto the water, the front-row firework viewing experience is unlike any other, and the waterfront bazaar goes on for over 12 hours. Handicrafts? Check! Collectibles? Check! Fashion and accessories? Also check!

The Marina Bay Countdown 2018 is a promising, star-studded, high-energy entertainment setting and should not be missed if you’re in Singapore!


Did you know?

The Wishing Spheres that float into the water are big white orbs on which you can write and express your wishes and resolutions for the upcoming new year. When the event was first made in 2005, there were only 2,500 wishing sphere. Today, the lake enjoys over 20,000 wishing spheres holding the promises and hopes of thousands of people.


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