21 Facts About Niue Island That You Must Know

Niue Island is an island off of Tonga is the Asia Pacific. The island has a small population and many interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about the beautiful island of Niue Island. Continue below to learn 21 cool facts about Niue Island.


Facts About Niue Island

Geographical Statistics On Niue Island

  1. If you want to swim with the local sea life, locate the following coordinates 0500° S, 169.9167° W to find your way to Niue Island.
  2. Niue Island is a little island within the South Pacific Ocean
  3. Niue Island have amazing neighbors, Cook islands in the east, Fiji in the west, Tonga in the southwest region, American Samoa and Samoa to the north and Futuna and Wallis in the northwest region.
  4. The landscape is filled with limestone cliffs along the seashore, with an amazing central plateau
  5. Niue Island has a total land area of 260 square kilometers {100 square miles}
  6. Similar size to Birmingham
  7. In the year 2014, the population of Niue Islanders was 1,190
  8. That’s about 1/1000th of Birmingham’s population
  9. Over here, the residents are called “Niueans”
  10. The capital Alofi covers 46.5 square kilometers {18 square miles} with a population of 1000 in the year 2014
  11. The tropical climate of Niue is an amazing 20-30°C all 90% of the time
  12. The odds of swimming with wildlife such as whale is very high around Niue amazing coastline
  13. Niue Island was formed by volcanic disruptions some 2-3 million years ago


Social Facts On On Niue Island

  1. The native language of Niue is are English and Niue
  2. Niue Island is in partnership with New Zealand such that Niueans are seen as New Zealand citizens.
  3. Due to the partnership with New Zealand, Niue’s official currency is the New Zealand Dollar
  4. Just so you know, there are more Niueans residing in New Zealand than on Niue Island
  5. Whenever you drive around Niue Island, don’t be surprised if you don’t see any traffic lights, because there are none


Industry Insights On Niue Island

  1. Niue Island grows limes, coconut, yams, passion fruit, tapioca, sweet potatoes: they also rear cattle, pigs, produce honey and poultry.
  2. Niue Island have a fast-growing economy such as the handicrafts, manufacturing and the food processing industry.
  3. Niue island exports honey, vanilla, coconut milk, limes, football, passion fruit and handicrafts



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