Best Time To Go To Antelope Canyon In Arizona

Would you like to capture one of the most magnificent and highly admirable geological features of the world? Then you have to visit the Antelope Canyon. This is among the favorite destinations of travel enthusiasts particularly because of the canyon’s breathtaking sight. Going to this place can feel extremely magical because of how it can bring you to millions of years past when the place had been formed by different geological processes. You could find this stunning tourist spot in Northern Arizona. But to get the best experience, you should know when’s the best to go to Antelope Canyon.


Best Time To Visit Antelope Canyon

A Summer Visit To Antelope Canyon

Do you know that the best time to go to Antelope Canyon is during the summer months of June, July, and August? That’s because it is when you could see the picturesque setting that seems like you have gotten yourself on a painting canvas. You will definitely love the light beams that are reflected on the canyon’s heights and grounds. To make sure that you will get to witness this adorable sight, you will have to book a tour with a reputable company. Do not just go there without having arranged your entry because crowds could flock during the summer season. Talk to the travel company in order to schedule your tour at midday because it is during this time of the day that light beams can be best seen. Do not miss the upper canyon regions because it is where magic can truly be felt.

Why visit during midday in the summer months? Well, in order to get a stunning view, you will need the cooperation of the sun, and the sun actually just produces right angle rays from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm. The right angle formation is necessary to see the light beams on the canyons. It is when you could capture the best photographs because the reflections could produce vibrant colors and enchanting land formations. If you have decided to visit Antelope Canyon in the summer season, make sure that you wear lightly colored clothes because the temperature can really be so dry, hot, and humid. If you also plan to extend your tour for some evening activities, then you will also need jackets to protect you from occasional thunderstorms in the late afternoon and at night.


A Fall Visit To Antelope Canyon

If you would like to refrain from the busy crowds during the summer months, the fall season could be a better option for you. The months of September and October would offer a bearable temperature for tourists. The fall climate in Arizona can be pleasant for outdoor activities because it is neither too hot nor too cold. For your fall visit to Antelope Canyon best time to visit to become more memorable, you could also add an adventure to the Horseshoe Bend which is along the Colorado River. You will also love some water adventure like rafting at the river through the Wilderness River Adventures or the Colorado River Discovery.

Apart from going on some water explorations, you might also take interest in hiking some exciting trails going to the Rainbow National Monument. Although the trails could be physically difficult to overcome, you will surely love to witness the stone formations, desert landscapes, and rainbow-like bridges during the hike. Do not forget to put on some sunscreen for skin protection and also to just wear light long-sleeved clothes. If you have any intention of touring the place in the evenings, you could also bring a lightweight jacket for protection against the cold weather at night.


A Winter Visit To Antelope Canyon

Unlike other places in America, you have to understand that winter actually starts earlier in desert areas such as Arizona. The months between November and March could be extremely cold that’s why we suggest that you wear layered clothing when visiting the Antelope Canyon during these months. Expect to experience temperatures that are between 40 and 60 degrees. Thus it’s not really the best time to go to Antelope Canyon.

Despite the chilly weather, it would still be good to visit the destination during winter because of the absence of rain. You could ascertain that the Antelope Canyon would also be less crowded because only a few tourists actually go outdoors during this season. Because of this, you could wonderfully enjoy the canyon freely and capture the best images without the disturbing presence of other visitors. During winter months, make sure that you arrange your booking schedule between 10:00 am and 11:00 am for the most stunning views of light rays. Do not also forget to bring your tripod and excellent camera gears for beautiful photographs.


A Spring Visit To Antelope Canyon

Oh, the spring season is another best time to visit Antelope Canyon. The temperatures play at around 70 degrees, thus it offers a refreshing time for the canyon exploration. If walking through the canyon and taking stunning photos of the place do not seem to suffice, then you could also choose to go to Lake Powell where you could have some exciting activities. Get on a fishing adventure or a boat journey through this gigantic man-made lake. You may also visit some local shops to purchase souvenir items that you could keep as a remembrance of your travel. End your day by booking a pleasurable dinner at The Grand where you could witness precious cultural wonders that are offered through a tribal show.

Why would you choose the spring season instead of the summer months? Well, the summer season is the time of the year when large crowds are visiting the Antelope Canyon. If you do not like this idea, then you could opt for the spring months. You will still be able to witness beautiful light beams during April and May most especially if you schedule your tour in the middle of the day. Also, rains seldom happen during these months. If visiting the canyon during the spring season, make sure that you wear comfortable clothing such as denim and long-sleeved shirts. To make sure that you won’t get chilled with the temperatures at night, bring a lightweight jacket as well.


The Best Months For Visiting Antelope Canyon

Now that we have already given you ideas on traveling Antelope Canyon at different seasons, maybe you are already asking which time of the year is really the best time for touring the place. Well, we think that the months of April and May during Spring Season and the months of September and October during the fall would be really best. It is during these months when the weather is not in its extreme, thus you could enjoy touring the place without any difficulty.

But if you can bear extremely hot temperatures and large crowds during the summer months, we suggest that you try going from June to August for better views of the light beams. But if you are the type of person who would rather get perfect photographs of the place without numerous tourists around, then go for the winter months. It really depends on your travel goals and physical tolerance. No matter when you intend to visit the place, one this is definitely for certain – you will love the Antelope Canyon for its naturally stunning beauty.


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