5 Best Things To Do In Andorra

The Principality of Andorra sits in the middle of Spain and France. It is a small principality located at the South part crests of Pyrenees Mountains. The territory of Andorra extends from Southern and Western part of Spain; until Northern and Eastern France.

Andorra’s capital is Andorra La Vella. Although, the principality is considered one of the smallest in terms of land area in whole Europe, it boasts a simple yet impressive jaw dropping scenery. People around lives modest life and take pride of their culture and history. It is evident by the small structures around the town and villages around. Check out our list of the 5 best things to do in Andorra.


5 Best Things To Do In Andorra

Visit Remarkable Churches And Museums

There are churches that are located just within the central area of Andorra. The churches are often designed with cobbled stones and naturally colored crushed rocks. These are some of the best things to see in Andorra.

Europe is field with a lot old notable churches in the past. The Sant Serni de Llorts is a church that is made out of natural colored stones and small rocks until the whole structure of the church was build. The design is a representation of a bit of Baroque period and more of a Romanesque era. You also have to visit Església de Sant Esteve and Església de Santa Coloma to compare and appreciate different architectural design and the civilization of Andorra in connection with religion.

Placa Princep Benlloch is looks like an earlier designed building where you can conveniently take a quick break for coffee or snacks. There are also restaurants located around the area.

The Casa de la Vall has a prominent sculpture in front of the house, a dancing couple. It is a very old structure in Andorra, which was used to be the office of the oldest parliament in Europe. The building was built at earliest 1500’s.

Visit the Casa d’Areny Plandolit in Ordino Village. It was built in the early of 12th century. The museum is the same way built as the he Sant Serni de Llorts church made out of attached stones. The museum exhibits various arts that belong to the family of Don Guillem d’Areny-Plandolit from 19th to 20th century. And another one, you can also visit a unique museum – the Perfume Museum. The museum exhibits various luxurious scents.


Relax By Visiting Spas


After a tiring ski trip, you can relax at Piolets Mountain Spa and Sport Wellness Mountain Spa near the ski resort areas. The spa centers have Jacuzzis and other amenities overlooking the majestic beauty of the White Mountain.

You can try a natural spa mountain up above Andorra’s mountain peak. The Caldea Thermal Spa offers spa treatment with therapeutic natural thermal spa, which contains calcium, sulphur and other natural mineral found in thermal water. The Caldea Thermal Spa is is one of the few modern designed architectural structures in Andorra that is all made out of glass mirrors. There is also another Spa located in Caldea Thermal Spa; it is the Inuu which offers new technique in health and wellness.

The other spas that you might also want to check are the Hotel Roc Blanc Spa, Hotel Spa Termes Carlemany, Grau Roig Hotel Spa, Hotel Plaza Spa, and a lot more. You can find spa centers from the high end and expensive ones to the affordable small scale spa wellness centers.


Enjoy A Shopping Spree

You do not just have to shop for souvenirs. What looks like a country side because of the simplistic and tranquil scenery of Andorra, is an understatement. You can shop any luxury branded items that you may find in other European countries. Jewelries, bags, apparels, labeled drinks and even tobaccos can be purchased in Andorra.

Note: Take note of the total amount of your purchases, once you exceed the maximum allowable amount purchased. Once you touch down Andorra, check with the local embassy office desk. The mount varies without notice.


Choose From Different Snow Activities

The Grandvalira Ski in El Pas de la Pas is a town near border of France. The town is located on top of the cold Pyrenees Mountains. You can rent ski gears for skiing (if you cannot bring your own ski equipment), snowboarding, or ice sledding. This is a must do thing in Andorra. If you have never experience skiing before or need a brush up lessons, you can also hire ski instructors to guide you through the slopes. There are also cable cars you can ride on top of the mountain slopes while you are able to have bewildering scenery of the mountain of snow. You can also try Vallnord as another option for skiing and other winter activities.


Trek To The Cool Mountain Heights

Andorra is surrounded with peaceful sold mountain areas where locals and tourists can enjoy a long or few hours of hiking. Generally, the whole Andorra has either fairly cold weather to the chilly ones. You should never miss a climb to one of the mountains in Andorra, like in el Serrat Mountain



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