How Clean Are Amsterdam Canals 2018/2019: Swimming In The Canals Of Amsterdam

Summer time! Who does not enjoy summer? With the right weather not too humid and not to high temperature, Netherlands is a perfect place to spend your summer. Cold weather ends and a favorable cool air in a summer breeze fill the atmosphere. You might want to take a dip, it’s important to know how clean are Amsterdam canals in 2018 before jumping in.

How to make the best 3 days summer adventure in Amsterdam? Cold droplets of water moisten the plants, preparing the flowers bloom and burst out its colorful bright color petals. The melted ice and now transforms lakes into a shiny above and below reflection of the blue sky! Sounds so heavenly? Wait till we tell you more about spending the best summer in Amsterdam.

From zero (even sometime negative degree Celsius) to a refreshing sunny 20 degree Celsius, the increasing temperature jumpstarts the fun in summer. You can choose from different activities and amazing places to do and see in the city of Amsterdam. You can bask in the natural beauty of nature, discover architectural historical and modern places in the urban city, and roll up in a friendly atmosphere of the beaches across Amsterdam. But be sure to know how clean are Amsterdam canals 2018 and if you can swim in canals of Amsterdam first.


Swimming Events In Canals Of Amsterdam

There are a number of famous swimming spots in canals of Amsterdam. The city of Amsterdam have issues keeping people from taking the risk and accepting the challenge to plunge into the cold and unclean (germ infected) canals. Far away edge of the canals in Amsterdam located in bars and coffee shops like Java – Eiland, Amsterdam Roest, or Hannekes Boom have been a common place where people would plunge in bravely on the canals. But you can check out events, good places for the challenge to hop and dip on the unclean canal water of Amsterdam, check ou Zwemwater.


Is The Challenge To Swim Amsterdam Canals Legally Permitted?

Unfortunately, despite of the number of swimming event challenge to dip into the cold and unclean water in canals of Amsterdam, the city government does not allow random people to strip off clothes and jump on the canals of Amsterdam.

When Princess Maxima attempted and successfully participated in what seem to be a ridiculous challenge, a lot of people are now interested to do the same. They are challenged from the fact a woman who ought to be thought as fragile and gentle was able to survive the challenge. Unfortunately, tourists and locals who randomly jump on the canals are reprimanded. There should be an organized event to do the challenge so that there would be enough support and medical help in case there have been unexpected unfavorable incidents. Just check out scheduled swimming and fund raising campaign events at Amsterdam City Swim.


Would You Hop And Swim In Canal In Amsterdam?

The cold breeze is now a warm weather, and a dip to a beach. There are beaches located near Amsterdam. Unfortunately, the four notable major canals in Amsterdam have never been cleaner.

The city has developed large water ways to dispose city’s waste. And because of those humongous water disposal sewers, this civilization has contributed to the water pollution of the canals. Unfortunately, it affected the quality of the canals. It is somehow compared to Venice’s water canal where it is repulsively unclean.

But there is hope, unlike Venice, Amsterdam government and private sector are doing their best to clean and rehabilitate the canal areas. The government are rerouting polluted and harmful sewers and applying healthier and cleaner options in dumping of water wastes.

Every year, there is an event in the city inviting athletic enthusiast to bravely swim the polluted (and slowly improving) canals. This is in support to clean the canals in Amsterdam and use it commercially for tourism purpose instead leaving it polluted.

As one of the theme of the previous theme for a fund raising event in “Swimming the Amsterdam Canals”, only the persons who have courageous souls can swim the canals of Amsterdam.


UNESCO Recognition

Yep, you read it right, one of the 165 huge canals in Amsterdam has been listed and recognized by UNESCO because of the world famous statue located near the bank of Grachtenggordel or the Canal Ring. The contaminated canal on the background looks perfect as it facade as a shiny sparkling body of water.


Yearly Fund Raising Event to Swim Amsterdam Canals

This may sound gross, but there are a lot who people have accepted the challenge. Perhaps this is in aim to raise funds to support different cause like raise money for ALS research, raise awareness to cleaner canals in Amsterdam, and among others.

Would you believe? A few royalty and important personalities have crossed and attempted swim the infamous gross canal of Amsterdam. Although, there are a lot of chances one can get diarrhea, E. coli, or salmonella when once swallowed even a tiny amount of water from the canals, well Princess Maxima was able to do it! Yes! She accepted the challenge. It is all for the awareness, support more than that of monetary fund raising.


How Are Canals In Amsterdam Doing?

Countless Glittering Body Of Water Around Mountainous

During winter time , the lakes, canals, ponds, rivers and all sorts of kinds of body of water in Amsterdam turns into a glass of ice. The snow showers fill the mountain areas that look like ice cream on top of cones. When the temperature rises in time for spring and – of course summer, the sparking glaciers melts and turns into sparkling clear water which reflects the blue sky of Amsterdam. While the melted snow on the slopes of mountains and hills, gives way to the sprouting of green grasses and leaves of trees. The moist and the flowing water from the mountains water the plants around and fill up the canals in Amsterdam.

So for photo op, post card and pictorial purposes, the body of water especially the canals in Amsterdam can be visually appealing in photos. It will make a good background in selfie and photo shoots. Such lovely scenery! Now exact words can describe the wonderful sight.

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