Amsterdam Schiphol Layover Guide

Amsterdam seats Kingdom of Netherlands territory. Amsterdam is covered by Holland which was included in the twelve administrative provinces of the country. Tourists often confuse where exactly Amsterdam is located. Well, there it is, Amsterdam is both located in same place; in between Noord-Holland (North) and Zuid-Holland (South).

If your flight needs to stop over to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) in the Netherlands for few hours you can either go out for a quick tour around the city before your next flight, or you may just opt to enjoy an enjoyable stay around the AMS. Usually most flights going to Europe from Asian countries or United States of America often have transit flights over AMS.

If you are traveling in a Schengen Visa, you can go out for about 6 miles outside the airport for a day tour. Or you can enjoy the facilities and amenities inside AMS. You can shop around the duty free area; meditate on the chapels and Muslim prayer room, try your luck in the Holland Casino area, treat yourself for a relaxing spa, fill your stomach with delicious European and other country’s dishes, and take a tour on mini Dutch Museum – all are located inside the airport. You do not need to go outside to enjoy all these. There are also convenient rooms (sleeping lounge, storage luggage area, comfort and shower rooms, etc.), ATM and banks, and other facilities for infants and all ages.


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Tourists who visit Germany for long vacation often try to include visiting Amsterdam in their itinerary. Netherlands is part of the 26 Schengen European countries, which requires a unified visa for tourists who are only for short term vacation. There are also quite a number of cruise ships that includes Netherlands as part of the European cruise tour. The majestic scenery of the snow-capped Netherlands Alps is worth exploring.

Tourists can conveniently visit for a quick side trip at Amsterdam’s sophisticated artistic offering through its building architectures, historical heritage, and what seems to be an intricate-well planned city structure system. Amsterdam is has many elaborate canal passages, both of strangely murky filthy canal and surprisingly unsoiled drainage (despite of highly urbanized, populated, and neighboring dirty canals) system. The city is also bike-friendly zone where an elaborate bike lanes and paths are dedicated for environment – friendly and health – buff individuals who prefers to explore the city on two wheels.


5 Things To Do During Layover In Amsterdam

If you decide to spend a pretty much half day tour of the city you can leave your luggage on the Schiphol Airport luggage storage area for a given fee, or check it in on your next flight. You can take a taxi, or hop into a shared taxi at the taxi bay area located just outside the airport. There are also buses that you can ride but you may not want to take all your time to wait for the bus’ interval. You can do all this in your layover in Amsterdam.


Snap Some Canal Photo Ops

Yes, you can basically get selfies and Instagram worthy pictures of the infamous canals in Amsterdam. If you are brave enough you can join the annual daredevil challenge to swim across the polluted city canal. The event is held annually to support the rehabilitation and awareness campaign to help clean the Amsterdam waste passages. All – year round, the government prohibits solo and unpermitted swimming or even a quick dip of the Amsterdam canals. More information about swimming in Amsterdam canals and how clean they are can be found here.

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Go On A Shopping Spree

The city has quite had a number of shopping centers which showcases ordinary to luxury European brands. If you are in a hurry to your next transit or connecting flight, you can also shop on the airport’s duty free area.


Visit Exceptional Museums

For graphic and fine art enthusiasts, Amsterdam is home to number of old rare artwork contemporaries, specifically from 17th century onwards, like Rembrandt’s, Van Gogh’, Vermeer’s, and other great artists’ masterpieces. You can choose which to explore from Royal Palace Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum, or Anne Franks house. The city has quite a number of museums that is able to impress a lot of artwork aficionados.


Stroll Around The National Monument

A quick walk along the Amsterdam Canal or a visit to the National Monument can be a good break before your next yet another long flight. You can take pictures of the Equestrian statue of Queen Wilhelmina or stroll around the Dam Square where a lot of historical landmark of Amsterdam is collectively located. Walking around the Red Light District of Amsterdam is already a scenery worth to explore. Every corner of the city seems a perfect Instragmable shot.


Dine In A Variety Of Restaurants Along Famous Waterways

Just along the famous Amsterdam Canals, you can see a line of restaurants you can dine in. Variety of food offerings can be tasted from European dishes, Asian twists food, and also bars or pubs are open on day time to enjoy.


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