Amsterdam City Center From AMS Airport Guide- Taxi, Train And Bus

The Schiphol Airport is among the most luxurious and well-serviced airports in Europe. It has actually even been recognized for all its amenities and world-class offerings. This airport is also touted as the 4th biggest European airport. What’s even more wonderful with the airport is its facilities which could immediately pave the way for a tour of the airport. It boasts of the Rijksmuseum Schiphol where you can witness magnificent paintings from Dutch genius minds. You may even have yourself pampered by visiting the spas inside.

But if don’t feel like spending too much time in the airport, then you could head on to the Dutch capital and explore the wonders of the city. Here are different ways of reaching the city center from Amsterdam airport:


Amsterdam City Center From AMS Airport Guide

Amsterdam From Airport Via Train

If you would like to go to the Amsterdam city center from AMS airport at the fastest means possible, then you have to take the train. The train offers not just speed but also comfort to its passengers. You can actually reach the Dutch center from the airport in just 15 minutes. How impressive, right? You just have to ride the NederlandseSpoorwegen or the NS. This will bring you from the airport to the Amsterdam Central Station.

What’s extremely wonderful with taking the train is that it chooses no time. You can actually ride the train the whole day. It doesn’t matter when your flight arrives too late or too early. There is a train to transfer you to the city center from Amsterdam airport. To prevent the hassle, you may check out the schedule of train operations at the NS website. In case you are planning to travel other parts of Amsterdam, the train could also bring you there conveniently. Apart from the Amsterdam Central Station, it also brings passengers to Amsterdam Sloterdijk and to the Amsterdam Amstel.

Are you curious about the cost of the train ride? Well, it comes at a significantly lower rate than a taxi ride. A single journey using the train only costs around 3.30 Euros. It would also be easy to get a ticket because there are machines at the Schiphol Plaza and the airport offices where you can purchase your tickets.


Amsterdam Airport To City Via Taxi

Taking the taxi is the most convenient and most comfortable option for those who just want to simply be transferred immediately to their hotel or apartment from Amsterdam airport to city center. It is a hassle-free mode of transportation because you are picked up right at the airport and dropped straight to where you want to go. The problem, however, with the taxi ride is the costs. Taking a taxi definitely does not come cheap. You will have to prepare between 40 Euros and 50 Euros for a single taxi ride. The good thing with it is that you can ride the taxi with other passengers for as long as you both have agreed to it. Getting a shared transportation would save you a significant sum.


Amsterdam Airport To City Via Bus

Taking a bus is very easy since there are a lot of bus lines that offer transportation services from the airport to the city center. You can take Bus Line 197 and Bus Line 370 which travels to Leidseplein which is also in the Dutch center. These buses regularly depart every 15 minutes. But if you are traveling at night, you may take either the Bus Line 97 or the Bus Line 358 which is also called the Niteliner to reach the city center. They operate between 12:30 am to 5:00 am.

To prevent the hassle of waiting, you can search the 9292 website online and check their bus schedule. A journey from the airport to the city center usually takes around 30 minutes. This would cost you 4 Euros for a single journey. From the airport, just head straight to the Schiphol Plaza where you can take your bus.


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