Costs Of Living In Albania: Price For Rent, Food, Transportation And More

The average person probably doesn’t know where Albania is. However, this former soviet country is perfectly located. It is located just south of the country of Croatia, north of the country of Greece along the coasts of the Adriatic. In fact, it is possible to take a boat all the way from Albania to Italy. The place is great due to its nice climate, beaches, and much lower cost (up to ¼ the price of Italy). For those thinking about moving here, it’s a good idea to know the cost of living in Albania.


Costs Of Living In Albania:

Price For Drink And Food In Albania

You will save a lot of money on food and drink in Albania. For example, if you want to be like the locals and drink coffee multiple time per day, it won’t cost you too much. A cup of espresso only costs around 0.25 – 0.40 euros and only a little bit more for a cappuccino or Americano. You can see below some items that should help you figure out the cost of living in Albania.


Below are a few examples of how cheap food and drink are in Albania:

  • 0.25 euro/kilo for peppers
  • 0.20 euro/kilo for watermelon
  • 0.30 euro/kilo potatoes
  • 2 euros for 5 small loaves of bread
  • 2 euros/kilo of olives
  • 0.50 to 0.80 euros for .5 liters of beer at the store


Cost Of Transportation In Albania

When living in Albania on a full time basis, it costs much more to own a car compared to other parts of Europe. In addition, the price of gas is very expensive, especially compared to the local salary. For example, a basic small sedan with manual transmission can cost 20,000 euros and gas costs about 1.20 euro/liter. However, you do not have to worry about toll roads. However, if you are looking for a rental car they are a bit expensive and can cost over 45 euros/day. To save some money, work with your hotel or a local travel agency to get a driver instead when factoring cost of living in Albania.

The cheapest way to travel is by public transportation; however, it can be a bit difficult to understand how to use it. The system is quite chaotic and there aren’t any central bus stations.

If you want to take a taxi, they use meters. The price starts at around 2 euros and costs 0.65 euros/km. It costs more in the evening and if you are going a long distance, they typically give you a fixed cost. For example, one time when going to the airstrip late at night, it cost 20 euros. In addition, the local buses cost around 0.25 – 0.50 euros.


Price Of Utilities In Albania

The price of electricity is in a progressive model. That means the price increases with increased usage. It can cost as much as 100 euros a month when you have everything on in the hot months, but ½ the price when the temperature is more agreeable. Gas/water/sewage come out to around an addition 20 euros per month.

If you want TV with fast internet at over 60 mbps, it only costs around 30 euros/month. In addition, wireless prices are also reasonable as there are several options. For example, a sim card can be less than 4 euros and a prepaid unlimited data and calling plan can under 15 euro/month.


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